A Clear Vision with Phakic Intraocular Lens

October 05, 2023
In the realm of vision correction, science and technology continue to advance, offering innovative solutions that transform lives. One such breakthrough is the Phakic Intraocular Lens (Phakic IOL), a revolutionary option that provides renewed clarity for individuals seeking to free themselves from the inconveniences that come with wearing glasses or contact lenses. Designed to address various visual impairments, the Phakic IOL surgery has emerged as a promising alternative, especially for those who might not be suitable candidates for corneal laser eye surgeries, such as LASIK or ReLEx SMILE. When considering the Phakic IOL surgery, placing your trust in a premier clinic is paramount, making the Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Eye Center a beacon of excellence for this transformative journey.

The implantable intraocular lens (ICL®) is a biocompatible lens made from a unique material called Collamer. Collamer is a proprietary blend of collagen and a hydrophilic copolymer that is naturally biocompatible with the eye’s structures. This lens is implanted within the eye, more specifically, behind the iris and in front of the eye’s natural lens. The ICL® functions similarly to a contact lens, but it is permanently placed within the eye, eliminating the need for daily insertion and removal.

Phakic IOL surgery presents a viable option for a range of patients who seek to improve their vision quality. While corneal laser eye surgeries like LASIK, PRK and ReLEx SMILE are effective for many, there are individuals whose eye characteristics or circumstances might make them less suitable candidates.

Here are some patient groups that could benefit from Phakic IOL surgery:
  • High Myopia: Patients with high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) might find that ICL® offers a more effective solution compared to other methods.
  • Thin Corneas: Some individuals have corneas that are too thin for safe corneal laser surgeries.
  • Dry Eyes: Patients with chronic dry eye syndrome may not be suitable candidates for corneal laser surgeries.
  • Astigmatism: Phakic IOL provides an effective solution for individuals with moderate to high astigmatism.
  • Active Lifestyles: Patients who engage in contact sports or activities where eye trauma is a concern may prefer Phakic IOL or ReLEx SMILE to LASIK.
  • Phakic Lens Preference: The eye's natural lens is not removed during the Phakic IOL surgery, and is therefore suitable for individuals who prefer not to alter their natural lenses through surgery
  • When it comes to a procedure as delicate as the Implantable Collamer Lens surgery, the choice of clinic can significantly affect the outcome. This is where the Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Eye Center shines as a trusted and premier destination for vision correction. With extensive experience, the center’s reputation is built upon a foundation of advanced technology, experienced surgeons, and uncompromising patient care.
The Bumrungrad Eye Center boasts a team of internationally acclaimed ophthalmologists who specialize in cutting-edge vision correction techniques. With a patient-centric approach, their experts conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine the most suitable treatment plan for each individual. This personalized care ensures that patients receive the highest standard of treatment, tailored to their unique needs.

The Phakic IOL stands as a beacon of hope for those who dream of experiencing clear, unaided vision without the limitations of glasses or contact lenses. Its innovative design and suitability for a variety of eye characteristics make it a versatile option for patients who may not be ideal candidates for traditional corneal laser eye surgeries. When considering the Phakic IOL surgery, entrusting your vision to the Bumrungrad International Hospital's Eye Center ensures not only exceptional medical expertise but also a commitment to patient well-being and satisfaction. With the Bumrungrad Eye Center, the journey towards a clearer future becomes an experience marked by trust, expertise, and excellence.

Contributed by Dr. Ngamjit Kasetsuwan, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Specialist

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