What you need to know if you have a meniscus injury

October 19, 2021

Get to know more about the meniscus injury and how to treat it with Bumrungrad sports medicine specialist & orthopedic surgeon from this video.

What is the meniscus and its function
It consists of 2 C-shaped cartilage plates of the medial and lateral surface of the knee. Its main function is as a shock absorber and a stability support structure of the knee. 
The most important thing that you need to understand regarding meniscus tears is that the meniscus has poor ability to heal on its own, and there are no meniscus replacements or substitutes. A meniscus tear usually accompanies another injury in the knee such as an ACL tear.
What is the mechanism of a meniscus injury?
It happens during either sports or a misstep causing a twisting or deep flexion of the knee resulting in sudden knee pain.

The symptoms of a meniscus tear are pain while walking and putting weight on the knee, deep flexion of the knee, and changing directions.
Most meniscus tears will require operative treatment to fix the tear and prevent progression of the tear and damage to other structures.
The standard of treatment is arthroscopic meniscus repair, in which stable fixation of the tear is done by various methods. 

In arthroscopic meniscus surgery, the meniscus is visualized directly and repaired. Post-repair stability is confirmed.
Under the concept of value medicine at Bumrungrad International, we provide many arthroscopic knee surgery packages that will fit to your individualized needs.

Here we also focus on high quality postoperative care and intensive physical therapy to bring you back to preoperative function as soon as possible.

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