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November 25, 2021

What you need to know if you have an ACL injury Get to know more about the ACL injury and how to treat it with Bumrungrad sports medicine specialist & orthopedic surgeon from this video.

Get to know more about the High Tibial Osteotomy, a type of joint preservation surgery with Bumrungrad sports medicine specialist & orthopedic surgeon from this video.
What is the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee (ACL) and what is its function?
The anterior cruciate ligament is one the intra-articular cruciate ligaments of the knee that provides stability in preventing anterior translation of the tibia, preventing tibial rotation of the knee, and providing sideways stability of the knee. Your natural ACL has 2 separate bundles to provide optimum stability. These bundles are called the AM and PL bundles.
How does an anterior cruciate ligament injury occur?
An ACL injury occurs from any falling or twisting accident of the knee from either daily activity or sporting activity. It commonly occurs in athletes involved in twisting sports, such as soccer, tennis, badminton, skiing and volleyball. It can also occur in daily activity by falling and twisting with your knee bent.
Options of treatments
The options of treatment for ACL injury are nonoperative and operative. Nonoperative is appropriate for an isolated injury in a low demand elderly patient.  It's done by physical therapy.
Operative treatment is appropriate for young patients, those with an active lifestyle, athletes, high demand patients, and also patients who wish to continue twisting and pivoting activities such as dancing. 
Our specialists will help you decide which treatment is optimum for you.
Operative treatment
In case you require surgery, the standard operative treatment is arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. We will produce a new ACL for you, and take an autograft from either your hamstrings or patella tendon. You have a choice of single or double bundle ACL reconstruction
  • On the left side is single bundle ACL reconstruction, and on the right side is the double bundle ACL reconstruction, imitating the natural ACL.
  • This video demonstrates the process of ACL reconstruction by arthroscopic view with a double tunnel for the double bundle. This is the passing of the first hamstring graft through the first tunnel, and the second hamstring graft through the second tunnel. 
  • Finally you have your completed double bundle ACL, which shows very high stability on the anterior drawer test, with each bundle of the graft being strong and tight.

Under the concept of value medicine at Bumrungrad International, we provide many arthroscopic knee surgery packages that will fit to your individualized needs.
Here we also focus on high quality postoperative care and intensive physical therapy to bring you back to preoperative function as soon as possible.

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