Stay Healthy and Live Longer With Regular Medical Screening



With all the recent advances in medical procedures and technology, it is now possible to treat a wider range of diseases and conditions more effectively than ever before. However, despite these advances, the success of treatment still often depends on catching the diseases in their early stages. Or better still, before they develop. Regular medical screening is proven to help people stay healthy and live longer. But with so many different tests and packages to choose from, which one is right for you?

Who needs medical screening?

The first question to consider is whether medical screening is appropriate for you. Maybe you are fit and healthy with no medical symptoms, so should you even bother with a medical check-up? The simple answer is ‘yes’.

While factors such as age, gender, and family medical history put some people at increased risk of certain diseases, the fact is that medical screening can benefit everyone. The whole point of medical screening is to look for warning signs or catch diseases in their early stages. If you wait for symptoms to appear, you have already given the disease a head start. Prevention is always better than cure.

At Bumrungrad, about 1 in 5 people who have a check-up are found to have some form of medical anomaly that requires further investigation or treatment. Without the screening, these conditions would have developed until symptoms appeared, making them more difficult to treat. Remember, the earlier medical problems are detected, the more successfully they can be treated.

Which package is right for me?

In comparing the many available check-up packages, you should start by choosing hospitals where you have confidence with their reputation, standards, services, doctors, medical professionals and laboratory staff. Next, compare the total price of the tests you need. Don’t confuse extra tests with extra value; if a test isn’t medically justified or clinically proven, you’re probably better off without it.

Thai hospitals offer a wide variety of health check-up packages that bundle a whole range of evaluations and lab tests together. But with so many screening tests and check-up packages to choose from, the second question to consider is which one is right for you. The key is to find the right package of tests for your personal situation.

The first points to consider when choosing a package are your age, gender and budget. If you are young adult male or female and in good health with no family history of illness, a basic check-up package of the most important and widely accepted screening tests can be sufficient. As you get older, additional tests are recommended depending on a variety of situations.

At Bumrungrad, we offer standard packages of tests according to age and gender. However, we also know that every person is unique, so we are always ready to discuss your family health history and special concerns to help you choose the right check-up package for you. We can also create a fully customized check-up package by adding appropriate tests for your specific situation. Equally important, we don’t include tests that are not needed.

One final point to consider is the frequency of the check-ups. Your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, weight and other factors can vary from day to day. Therefore, it is important to have check-up on a regular basis so that trends can be identified rather than just one-off results that can sometimes be misleading.

How can I find out more?

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