New Year's Resolution: Take Care of Your Health

January 05, 2016
It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and like many people, you may be making a New Year’s resolution that has something to do with improving your health. Whether it’s eating healthier, picking up an exercise routine, or quitting smoking, here is a suggestion to help you track your progress.

How can a yearly check-up support my New Year’s resolution?

More than likely, you’ve been encouraged by your doctor to come in for a general check-up each year, even if you feel healthy. A yearly check-up is actually a very important part of your health routine.

A health check-up is meant for people to evaluate their health and, if it so happens, detect any small problems before they become something much larger.

A health check-up also establishes your normal vital signs, or “baseline”, so that you can compare the progress of any new healthy habits you’ve incorporated into your lifestyle. This perfectly aligns with the common New Year’s resolutions of eating healthier, exercising more, and dropping bad habits so you can track your progress using concrete numbers.

A yearly check-up is the perfect way to track how you’ve improved, while upholding your New Year’s resolution.

Routine check-up packages at Bumrungrad

Bumrungrad offers several different health check-up packages, each with our patients’ best interests in mind based on age, gender, and budget:

You are welcome to discuss with your doctor regarding any special concerns you may have in order to choose the package best for you, as well as to include any additional testing.

Our basic check-ups include the most widely accepted screening tests for adult men and women, but we also offer additional add-ons that are considered on a case-by-case basis.

We also have a personalized, interactive website that allows patients to answer a short survey to see if any add-ons are appropriate to consider:

The basic screening will track your cholesterol levels, resting heart rate, fasting blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. There is also a urine and stool examination, EKG, chest x-ray, and an abdominal ultrasound.

Knowing the test results before and after you’ve incorporated your new, healthier routine will show just how much you’ve improved.

Sticking to your New Year’s resolution

Once you have a goal in mind and have scheduled a check-up, here are several ways you can stick to your new goals and get the most out of your healthy lifestyle change:

1) Be realistic: Don’t set goals that are too difficult to reach. Take smaller steps to ultimately reach your bigger goals.
2) Make a pro and con list: Before settling on a goal, write out the motivations behind your choices – also, jot down some of the less appealing side effects.
3) Sketch out a plan: Brainstorm the different ways you will stick to your New Year’s resolution. Sometimes temptations are hard to resist, but make sure you have an alternative activity that can distract you, or a friend to call up for support.
4) Reward yourself: Celebrate your progress by treating yourself to something you enjoy, but that won’t conflict with your goal.

Make this the year you successfully stick to your New Year’s resolution.

By Dr. Anawat Khow-Ean, Chairperson of the Department of Health Screening, Bumrungrad Hospital

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