Is love good for your health?

February 14, 2017

According to the arts, love is a grand and beautiful thing and we can hardly live without it. But what does medicine say about the health benefits of love? In short, it’s no surprise that love is great for your health. From lowering you blood pressure to strengthening your immune system, love cares for your health in many different ways. Here, let us count the ways that love enriches our health:

  1. Feeling tense? Give someone a hug. Science has proven that a simple hug can lower blood pressure and show smaller increases in heart rate, leading to more calm and less tension.
  2. Love is a stress buster. One of the benefits of being in a loving, supportive relationship is being able to overcome the natural stresses of life, be it a heavy workload, conflict, or a stressful commute. Studies have shown that people whose personal lives were rich with love and support tend to get through stressful situations much easier than those who try to get through tough times alone.
  3. Live longer. Loving, and being loved, have been proven to contribute to more confidence and commitment to making healthy life choices. Simply put, love leads people making healthier life choices, which can result in a longer life span.
  4. Boost your immune system. Love has been shown to increase in the release of immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is your body’s natural defense against invading germs that could cause common illnesses like the flu. So, add a dose of love to your vitamin C.
  5. Increase self-esteem. This one seems like a given, as a healthy relationship – romantic or not – can result in more feelings of confidence in other areas of life, which then leads to an increase in overall self-confidence. Feeling validated and loved by someone else goes a long way to helping you feel more confident.
  6. If you’re single, don’t fret: the love we feel from friend and family is just as effective at reducing the usual stressors of modern life, as well as strengthen our emotional well-being so we can reap the benefits of love even without romantic love. So, hug your family and friends, and relish the love you feel from all parts of your life.

Love is indeed a many-splendid thing, but it’s by no means a substitute for a real healthcare plan. All the love in the world won’t stop a disease from forming in our bodies if we don’t do the work of making sure that we are making smart health choices, getting regular health check-ups, and maintaining a regular relationship with our healthcare providers. However, the addition of love to a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to all of us.

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