Bumrungrad Hospital Announces Simulation Training Center

February 24, 2015

As a cornerstone of Bumrungrad Hospital’s commitment to providing the safest and most efficient patient care, the hospital places great emphasis on the quality of its medical professionals. To help ensure that the high standards set by the hospital are maintained, Bumrungrad established the Bumrungrad Simulation Training Center. Incorporating the very latest medical training technology, the center is used to train nurses on learning specific clinical and team-based skills using high-fidelity simulators.

Controlled by a high-tech computer system, the Bumrungrad Simulation Training Center uses both adult and infant manikins as well as actual medical equipment to simulate a variety of clinical working environments. The computer system regulates the manikin’s response to the nurses’ actions, providing virtual feedback to the students in the form of real-time information. By recreating highly realistic situations that require the nurses to solve patient problems, the simulations facilitate effective training in the safest manner. The training sessions are recorded on video so that they can be reviewed after the simulation is completed. 
The high-fidelity manikins used in healthcare simulation training are able to simulate a wide range of patient conditions, from normal to abnormal and critical conditions. Supervised by a qualified instructor, the computer-based simulation program can control more than 60 key conditions in the manikins, including palpable pulses, heart tones, breath sound, sweating, crying, shaking, seizures and even nail color.   
Using wireless technology (Wi-Fi), the simulation manikins can also be used for training outside the facility to train nurses in real situations and enhance specific skills, such as rapid assessment, decision making, team training, field experience, patient handover, advanced resuscitation, victim assistance or helicopter patient transport.
Bumrungrad Hospital currently treats over 1.1 million local and overseas patients each year. Approximately 400 inpatients are treated each day by a team of 900 professional nurses. The Bumrungrad Simulation Training Center provides the nurses with an increased level of confidence and experience prior to being placed in actual situations. The results of this are enhanced patient care, more accurate diagnosis, rapid treatment and increased safety – the ultimate goal. Bumrungrad considers the quality of patient care, patient safety and a commitment to continuous development to be at the core of the mission carried out by the hospital’s medical professionals.
The goal of the Bumrungrad Simulation Training Center is not only to enhance patient safety in all procedures, but also to continually upgrade the quality of patient care so as to maintain the hospital’s high standards and ensure that its nurses are fully-prepared to provide the most efficient and effective care to their patients.
The Simulation Training Center can accommodate up to 8 training sessions per day. In the initial phase, the center will be used to train only new nurses at Bumrungrad Hospital. However, in the near future, the training will be extended to include refresher and new procedure training for all nurses at Bumrungrad Hospital.  
There are also plans for the Bumrungrad Simulation Training Center to be used to train healthcare personal   from outside of Bumrungrad in the future with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of a wider range of medical professionals to achieve the same ultimate goal of improving patient safety.
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