Tour of Bumrungrad International Hospital's Sleep Lab in Bangkok, Thailand

Not getting a good night’s sleep? It may be time to make an appointment with Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Sleep specialists, whose focus are the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Schedule an appointment today and see how our team of doctors can make sure you get the quality sleep you deserve.

A look inside the sleep lab

Our team of doctors specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders stemming from problems associated with: the nose, mouth, and palate; the lungs; the nervous system; and mental well being. First time patients are offered a private consultation that typically includes a discussion about your sleep and general medical history as well as a medical examination.

Patients who require further assessment may be asked to participate in an overnight sleep study. Our specially designed inpatient sleeping facility has four private sleeping environments that are quiet, homelike, and designed to encourage a normal night’s sleep. In fact, our unobtrusive monitoring system gives you the freedom to watch TV, have a snack, move around, and go to the bathroom at any time, just as you would back in your own home.

Our Sleep Lab evaluations are conducted using a polysomnograph that assesses patient vital signs, brain waves, breathing patterns, oxygen saturation, and other parameters. Our physicians also monitor snoring, insomnia, unconscious grinding or clenching of teeth, and abnormal nocturnal leg movements. Once our doctors examine your sleep test results, you will be presented with an individualizedtreatment plan to improve your sleep.

CPAP services

The majority of patients are eligible to receive a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Device). This machine is worn during sleep and delivers a stream of lightly pressurized air into the throat and nose. This ensures that your airways are kept open and eliminates gasping, choking, and snoring at night.

In case our examinations conclude that you are a candidate for a CPAP, our doctors will provide you with a machine that is properly fitted and adjusted to your condition as well as instructions on how to use it.

Our center also encourages patients with an existing CPAP to come in and have your machine serviced and adjusted in case your conditions have changed. If you have had your CPAP for a long time, it may be time for an updated model.

Some patients may require lifestyle changes, such as being referred to a weight loss program. The minority of patients may need surgery to remove tonsils or other obstructions to improve the airways.

Our sleep team

Our Sleep Lab is proud to introduce our team of doctors who are specially trained to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. Our doctors speak both Thai and English and can set you on your way to more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Testing and treating sleep disorders at Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Sleep Lab

Our Sleep Lab invites patients from around the world to schedule a visit. If you are getting anything less than great night’s sleep, make an appointment today at

Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Sleep Lab by calling +66 2011 2222. Our Sleep Lab is open Monday through Sunday with evening sleep studies beginning at 7pm every day. Our office is located on Bumrungrad International Hospital’s 9th floor, North Wing.

By Dr. Benjamas Intarapoka, Pulmonology, Sleep Lab, Bumrungrad Hospital

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