Is Thailand's Medical Tourism Right for Me?

April 23, 2015

Medical tourism continues to grow in popularity among people who are unable to find the medical services, variety, or affordability at health care centers or hospitals in their own country. If you are considering traveling to Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand to obtain medical treatment, here is some important information to help you make the right choice.

Asia’s first JCI accredited hospital

JCI, or joint commission international, is considered the gold standard in global health care. Facilities who have earned this seal of approval can proudly say they follow the latest US clinical guidelines and provide top notch hospital care. It also means putting patients’ safety first and having the most skilled and experienced medical specialists in the industry.

Bumrungrad International Hospital first became JCI accredited in 2002 and has been recertified four additional times in three year increments. Each accreditation requires that Bumrungrad’s standards show improvements and each time we have proven that we uphold the industry’s gold standard.

Additionally, Bumrungrad was awarded the title “International Hospital of the Year” by IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) in April 2015. IMTJ is an upstanding organization that honors excellence in the medical travel industry and addresses the outlook of future medical travel. 

An impressive range of medical specialties

We have a variety of medical centers and programs that meet the wildly differing needs of our local and international patients. This includes 36 different medical centers and programs, 55 sub-specialties, and over 900 doctors. We specialize in a diverse level of tertiary care from treating liver cancer and serious heart problems to conducting sleep studies and vision-correcting surgeries. We also provide patients with primary and secondary care if needed.

Bumrungrad has also invested in IBM Watson, a revolutionary cognitive computing technology that is meant to radically improve medical care for cancer patients. This advanced technology analyzes immense quantities of medical evidence, published research, and extensive clinical results and provides the most effective cancer treatment for patients based on their unique situation.

Professional service that goes beyond medical treatment

In addition to top-rate medical staff and treatment, Bumrungrad International Hospital offers amazing services and facilities for their patients.

Our service begins before our patients even set foot through our front doors. Complementary services include transport to and from the airport or your hotel, ensuring that you are taken care right from the beginning and to the very end of your procedure.

New patients are assigned to a member of our Medical Coordination Office who will help schedule your procedure as well as additional follow-up care planning. This service also includes answering questions for attending family. Our staff is equipped to provide medical interpretation in 25 different languages.

For convenience sake, our Business Center offers visa assistance, domestic and international flight booking assistance, and even tour arrangements. These responsibilities are handled by a professional so that it doesn’t interfere with your medical procedure or recovery.

Our hospital also has a very clear course of action for scheduled procedure patients. Patients can be guaranteed a streamlined consultation and diagnosis, pre-op, surgery, recovery, and payment without many of the confusing hurdles typically present with Western facilities.

Our buildings meet US fire prevention safety standards (as part of the JCI accreditation) and we proudly provide top-of-the-line inpatient accommodations. Patients will feel at ease in a home-like atmosphere featuring attractive Western aspects and amenities without the barren feel of traditional hospitals.

See for yourself!

Few hospitals can meet the breadth and depth of service offered by Bumrungrad International Hospital. We welcome patients from all over the world to choose us for their next medical procedure.

If you have additional questions, we welcome you to write them below. Our staff is happy to help address your comments or concerns.

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