Gender-Affirming voice and communication


Gender-Affirming voice and communication care

At the Pride Clinic, we understand the importance of voice and communication in gender affirmation. Our comprehensive gender-affirming services include voice and communication care to help individuals align their voice with their gender identity. We offer both voice and communication training as well as voice surgery options.

Voice and Communication Training

Our skilled speech-language pathologist provides voice and communication training to assist individuals in developing a voice that aligns with their true gender identity. Through personalized exercises, techniques, and guidance, we work with you to explore vocal pitch, resonance, intonation, articulation, and other aspects of communication. Our goal is to help you develop a voice that reflects your authentic self and enhances your overall communication skills.

Voice Surgery

For transgender women seeking more significant and permanent changes to their voice, we offer voice surgery options. Voice surgery can be a viable solution for individuals who desire a permanent alteration to their vocal characteristics. Our experienced surgeons perform voice surgery procedures that can modify the vocal cords, resulting in changes to vocal pitch, tone, and quality. We work closely with you to determine the most suitable surgical approach based on your goals and individual needs.





Dr. Premsuda Sombuntham

Specializing in Otolaryngology - Laryngology

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