Newsweek Ranks Bumrungrad the Best Thai Hospital 3 Years in a Row

March 04, 2023

Newsweek announced their “World's Best Hospitals 2023” via Bumrungrad was ranked the number one hospital in Thailand.

On March 1, 2023 (US time), Newsweek announced their “World's Best Hospitals 2023” via Bumrungrad International Hospital was ranked the number one hospital in Thailand (World's Best Hospitals 2023 – Thailand), with a score of 93.00%, among the 30 Thai hospitals listed on their best hospitals in Thailand list. This is the third year in a row that Bumrungrad has been ranked the number one Thai hospital. In addition, Bumrungrad was the only Thai hospital among their top 250 hospitals in the world — coming in at 182nd.

The global board of renowned experts determined the rankings based on four key criteria: 1) Recommendations from medical experts (doctors, hospital managers, and more than 80,000 healthcare professionals from 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries; 2) Results from patient experience surveys; 3) Hospital quality metrics: quality of care for specific treatments, hygiene measures and patient safety, and ratio of patients to doctors/nurses; and 4) Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) implementation survey. This was the first time that PROMs have been used in the process. The survey was conducted by Newsweek, a premier news magazine and website that delivers high-quality journalism to 100 million people around the globe each month, in collaboration with Statista, the world's most trusted in-depth market and consumer data platform based in Germany. The surveying took place between September and November 2022.

Artirat Charukitpipat, Chief Executive Officer at Bumrungrad International Hospital, said that, “On behalf of the medical team, management, and hospital personnel, I am extremely proud that once again Bumrungrad International Hospital has been ranked as one of the best hospitals in the world. I am also extremely proud that Bumrungrad will continue to boost Thailand’s excellent reputation within the worldwide healthcare sector — as well as continue to reinforce Thailand’s reputation a world medical hub and wellness destination. I would like to congratulate and dedicate this recognition to each individual doctor, manager, and clinical staff member at Bumrungrad for their hard work and dedication each and every day in delivering the best care possible to our patients.”

She continued, “And, most importantly, thank you to all of Bumrungrad’s patients, both Thai and foreign — patients visiting from more than 190 countries around the world. Thank you for always trusting in Bumrungrad International Hospital.”


Newsweek's “World's Best Hospitals” rankings were launched in 2019 to not only promote the excellence of each hospital in the areas of healthcare research and innovation but also to affirm that each hospital that has been ranked is an institution with high-quality standards in more than one area. This includes consistently acquiring qualified personnel, adopting new innovative treatments, conducting research studies, and, most importantly, delivering positive treatment outcomes.





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