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Dental Annual Meeting 2015 “How to Achieve a Beautiful Smile” - August 21th

August 21th, 2015, Time 08.30-16.00 hrs. Conference Center, 21st Floor, Bumrungrad International Clinic Building (Registration Fee: 500 Baht/ person)

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Minister of Public Health Visits Bumrungrad International to Observe Effective MERS-CoV Management

Bumrungrad International reported the first suspected case of MERS-CoV in Thailand on June 18, 2015 and its strict monitoring and screening protocols resulted in the containment of the virus, preventing it from spreading into the community. The patient was moved quickly and safety to the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Health.

Today, Bumrungrad International Hospital Declares it is MERS-Free All Employees under Observation Return Home

July 2, 2015 – Bumrungrad International Hospital announced today that the Department of Disease Control, under the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed all employees under observation at the hospital to return home. Thus, on July 2, 2015, there are no suspected cases of MERS-CoV at Bumrungrad and the hospital is MERS-Free.

[CEO Message] MERS-Free Bumrungrad

The Department of Disease Control, under the Ministry of Public Health, has allowed all of the hospital employees that have been under observation to return home. Thus, on July 2, 2015, there are no suspected cases of MERS-CoV at Bumrungrad International.

[Message from the CEO] No more suspected nor confirmed cases of MERS at the Bumrungrad

In a statement to the public Dr. Num Tanthuwanit, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital, reassures that there are no further nor confirmed cases of MERS at the hospital. After the first case was detected, the swift actions of Bumrungrad’s doctors and staff prevented any possible spread to other patients and staff, and prevented a wider outbreak in the community.

[Reuters] Medical tourism expertise helps Thailand cope with MERS

Thailand's status as a hub for medical tourism could be helping the country contain the spread of MERS, government and health officials said, after confirming its first case of the deadly virus last week.

Bumrungrad International​ Hospital confirms its ability to manage MERS-COV

In accordance with the CDC and Ministry of Public Health recommendations Bumrungrad International Hospital has had a world-class monitoring system and protocol for prevention measures against MERS-COV since 2013.

Hearing and Balance Test Programs

Maintaining a sense of balance depends on the brain effectively processing a variety of information from the eyes, nervous system and inner ears. These balance organs tell the brain about each body movement. Balance disorders are caused by abnormalities to the balance organ or inner ear, resulting in vertigo and loss of balance that increase the risk of falling in older people as well as leading to the potential for more serious accidents while driving a car or using a machine.

Bumrungrad International Hospital wins major international award

Bumrungrad International Hospital from Thailand takes top title of ‘The International Hospital of the Year’ 2015. The category included six world-class, international hospitals where each was reviewed under stringent structures by judge panellists, located in different countries.

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Pray for Nepal Together! Help Nepal

On behalf of management, physicians, dentists, and staff of Bumrungrad International Hospital, we would like to express our profound shock and regrets at the devastating loss as a result of the earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015.