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Scars stand out against rest of the skin, scar tissue is made of collagen cells rather than ordinary skin cells. The success of scar depends on the type of scar
9/9/2553 13:04:21
These lesions are caused by blood vessels which become enlarged (port-wine stains) or when too many blood vessels grow in an area (hemangiomas.)
9/9/2553 13:07:01
Spider veins - known in the medical world as telangiectasias or sunburst varicosities - are small, thin veins that lie close to the surface of the skin
9/9/2553 13:12:48
Skin wrinkles are grooves in the skin. They can be on the surface of the skin or be quite deep. Skin loses its strength and elasticity as a person ages.
9/9/2553 13:19:40
It usually results in a more natural facial appearance. Surgical treatment to repair deformities or trauma of the head and face (craniofacial)
20/9/2553 13:03:16
Orthopedics Center offer Total Knee Replacement surgery to replace diseased or damaged joint surfaces of the knee with metal and plastic prosthetic devices
14/10/2553 14:15:48
Liposuction of the arms removes deposits of excess fat with specialized surgical suctioning equipment. It gives added contour and definition to the arms
15/10/2553 13:48:29
Liposuction of the thighs removes deposits of excess fat from the inner and outer thighs with specialized surgical suctioning equipment.
15/10/2553 13:49:21
A tattoo is a permanent mark or design made on the body when pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin through ruptures in the skin's layer
15/10/2553 14:34:36
Phaco is method of cataract surgery in which the eye’s internal lens is emulsified using ultrasonic energy and replaced with an intraocular lens implant, or IOL
20/10/2553 16:35:21