Vitallife Wellness Center

The Vitallife Wellness Center is a wellness and anti-aging center consisting of a team of dedicated professionals helping you to focus on feeling better and looking better. Vitallife is a subsidiary company of the Bumrungrad International Hospital Public Company Limited. Click here to visit their site for more information.

Vitallife uses the latest international technologies, advanced treatments and the best trained medical professionals in the world to help reveal a renewed, refreshed and revitalized you. With your lifestyle assessment and your laboratory results, our physicians can prescribe the perfect blend of diet and supplemented nutraceuticals, tailored to fit your needs.

Our Team

The core of the Vitallife team is a group of highly trained, internationally and locally certified doctors. We only use doctors to create and tailor programs for our clients. This allows us to create customized programs and supplements which not only rejuvenate, but won’t damage precious organs such as the liver and kidney. 

We have doctors in specialties such as dermatology, general medicine, reproductive medicine and obstetrics & gynecology to take care of all facets of your and your partner’s image and lifestyle.

In addition to our doctors, Vitallife has a team of specialized pharmacists who work with the personalized information from your body to create tailored vitamins and supplements to assist your body to work as it was designed to work, and to revitalize aging or damaged tissue.

Vitallife Services

Vitallife has two major components: Wellness and anti-aging programs as well as our own fitness center.


Wellness and Anti-Aging Programs: 

  • Age Management 

We offer a full range of comprehensive anti-aging programs to suit every need and every age. Programs typically include various specialized laboratory and diagnostic tests and a comprehensive assessment by the Vitallife team. Your program will be custom designed to incorporate the right balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, appropriate exercise and nutrition and hormone replacement available for both men and women.  

  • Preventive & Regenerative Care 

Providing a unique combination of nutritional supplements to give you the right balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, our wellness programs help to strengthen your immune system and assist you in achieving your optimum physical and mental health. 

  • Hormones & Sexual Health 

Comprised of a comprehensive hormone screening test that evaluates your overall health and wellbeing, and a specially prescribed program to enhance your motivation and vitality levels, our hormone vitality programs aid in countering the effects of hormonal changes in men and women in their later years. 

  • Sports Medicine 

We offer personal nutritional consultations and fitness programs tailored to your needs. We can help maintain bone structure, build muscle mass, and increase flexibility. Programs can also be supplemented by custom prepared vitamins and minerals that will maximize the effectiveness of your nutrition and exercise programs. Our personal trainers take their instructions from our PhD exercise physiologist and will take you through your paces in a professional, safe and invigorating atmosphere. 

  • Beauty & Skin 

Our approach to the improvement of the skin and face of our clients starts from the inside.  We prefer to work with a holistic approach to skin care, starting with the food and nutrients you eat on a daily basis.  And we work with the ethnic differences in skin types individually, to bring about the true beauty found in each person.


We personalize micronutrients – called “nutraceuticals” – made of natural, organic herbal extracts for your body, and can combine this with regenerative medicines for a more complete rejuvenation.  For more intensive treatments, we have a selection of innovative laser technologies and tailored creams and cosmeceuticals to further assist in the anti-aging process. 

  • Weight Management

Our weight management programs will first help determine why you may have difficulty maintaining your optimum weight and then employ the best tried-and tested Vitallife methodology to help you attain your weight goals. Your program may include nutritional support, specially prepared food supplements, personal exercise training at the Vitallife Fitness and Sport Center, safe and natural vitamin supplements for appetite control, laser treatments and advanced fat-burning technologies. 


Vitallife Fitness Center 

The Vitallife Fitness Center utilizes physician directed and trained staff, as well as advanced technology such as the Power Plate®, to optimally work with you and your body’s specific requirements to refresh and strengthen


The Fitness Center is also available as your own independent training facility for a yearly, half yearly or monthly fee.  Please inquire at the contact details or visit our website.


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