Information on Current International Infectious Disease Situation

This information is put together for you by the Infection Control Department at Bumrungrad International Hospital in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Ministry of Public Health in Thailand.

National & International Contagious Disease Updated  Week 5, 2020 : Jan 25 - 31, 2020 with the following details :


1. Global situation (Ref: World Health Organization)



Province Concern


- Saudi Arabia  : (Update 18 Dec 19)    

Riyadh, Madinah, Al-Qassim, Assir, Taif and Makkah 

- The United Arab Emirates: (Update 8 Jan 20)    

   Abu Dhabi

- Qatar (Update 26 Dec 19)    

Ebola Virus Disease

-Democratic Republic of the Congo : (Update 30 Jan 20)

North Kivu 

-Republic of Uganda (Update 13 Jun 19)


Philippines (Update 24 Sep 19)

- Lanao del Sur, Laguna Province


Republic of the Sudan(Update 15 Oct 19)

-The Blue Nile State (BNS)

Yellow fever

-Nigeria (Update 17 Dec 19)

Bauchi, Katsina, Edo and Ebonyi

-Republic of Venezuela(Update 21 Nov 19)

Gran Sabana, Bolivar State

- France (Update 20 May 19)

-Brazil  (Update 27 Jun 19)

The States of  Sao Paulo, Parana, and Santa Catarina 


-Spain (Update 16 Sep 19)

Spain, reported an outbreak of listeriosis, caused by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes), associated with the consumption of a chilled roasted pork meat product manufactured in Spain by Magrudis Company Limited and sold under the brand name “La Mechá”. A Food Safety Alert was issued by the Spanish Authorities, advising consumers to avoid any product sold under that brand and that a small amount of the implicated chilled roasted pork was also sold non-branded by another company.


-Tunisia (Update 9 May 19)

-Madagascar (Update17 Jan 19)

- United States of America (Update 04 Jun 19)

Dengue fever

- Pakistan (Update 19 Nov19)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Punjab, Balochistan, and Sindh

- Afghanistan(Update 13 Dec19)

Faryab, Kabul, Paktita, Laghman, Paktya, Nangarhar

Lassa Fever

Nigeria  (Update 16 Jun 19 from Nigeria Centre For Disease Control)

from Edo and Ondo states  


Democratic Republic of the Congo (Update 1 May 19)


Singapore (Update 16 May 19)

Rift Valley Fever 

-Republic of the Sudan (Update 14 Nov 19)

-Mayotte (France)  (Update 13 May 19)

Avian Influenza

-Nepal (H5N1)

-Chinese Taipei (H5N2)

(Update 27 Jun 19  no new case of Human Infection)







2. National Situation (Ref: Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health)  


Influenza A (H1N1, H3N2)/ B

Reported case  From 1-27 Jan, 2020 : 26,671 cases with 1 deaths. The highest incidence rate were found in age groups 0-4, 25-34 and 35-44 years old respectively.

Top 5 Province

1. Chiang Mai                               2. Phayao     

3. Nong Khai                                4. Lamphun   

5. Chiang Rai      


Reported case  From 1-27 Jan, 2020: 61,523 cases. The highest incidence rate were found in age more than 65. Top 5 Province

1. Chanthaburi                            2. Maha Sarakham

3. Buri Ram                                 4. Sri Sa Ket      

5. Mukdahan


Reported case  From 1-27 Jan, 2020:  15,961  cases  with 6 deaths. The highest incidence rate were found in age more than 65. Top 5 Province

1. Chiang Rai                      2. Sri Sa Ket                               

3. Maha Sarakham             4.  Chiang Mai                                         

5. Phrae 

Hand foot mouth

Reported case  From 1-19 Jan, 2020: 1,248 cases.

Top 5 Provinces 

1. Lampang                             2. Chiang Rai                              

3. Phayao                                4. Nan                                                                           

5. Chiang Mai                                         

The Department of Disease Control advises parents to take care of their children closely. The tendency is to find children with EV 71 increase, emphasized if the fever. Clear water Hurry to see the doctor and cleaning equipment.


Reported case  From 1-25 Jan, 2020: 185 cases.

Top 5 Province

1. Chiang Rai                                2. Prachuap Khiri Khan                 

3. Phuket                                       4. Narathiwat

5. Yala


Reported case  From 1-20 Jan, 2020: 1,597 cases.    

Top 5 Province

1. Rayong                                      2. Phuket  

3. Nakhon Pathom                         4. Songkhla

5. Yala 

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