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Questions you should ask your spine specialist before you have surgery

Having surgery makes many people feel anxious and nervous. If you are scheduled to have spinal surgery, one way to relieve your anxiety is to learn all you can about the procedure and your surgeon.

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Debunking myths about spinal surgeries

There are many myths and simply misunderstanding about spinal surgeries, so some people are afraid of this type of treatment. In this episode of "Bumrungrad Hospital Talks" we try to debunk those myths with Dr. Verapan Kuansongtham, one of the leading neuro and spinal surgeons in the region, and a Director of Bumrungrad Spine Institute

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Let’s talk about health EP. 4 : Endoscopic Spine Surgery

What is endoscopic spine surgery? In this episode of "Let’s Talk About Health", Dr. Verapan will share some insight into the latest technology in spine surgery, especially the endoscopic technique.

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Quick and Simple | Testimonial of Endoscopic Discectomy

Evgenia had a herniated disc of her spine. This wasn't her first time. However, this was her first experience treating a herniated disc with a quick and simple procedure called endoscopic discectomy. A herniated disc no longer requires open surgery but can be treated with a small incision, allowing patients to walk immediately after the procedures.

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Chronic Back Pain & Hope for a New Life

Mustak, a returned patient, first visited Bumrungrad International Hospital in 2005 for a scheduled executive check-up while on vacation. He is the CEO of a major distributor in Bangladesh and will be retiring soon.

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Spine surgery patient testimonial video

Spinal stenosis gradually turned Ms. Maike’s active life in Canada into a painful existence, with nerve compression making it impossible for her to walk or stand up without debilitating pain.

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How Poor Posture Can Damage Your Neck and How a Tiny Incision Can Fix It

Many of the problems that occur in the spine are caused by the process of degeneration.

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