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May 16 2019

Answers to Your Questions about Hip and Knee Revision Surgery

If you’ve undergone joint replacement surgery, or are planning to, you may have some questions about the new prosthetic joint

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Aug 17 2017

The Future of Medicine is Already at Bumrungrad

Medical robotics started out three decades ago when doctors in the United States began to experiment with the use of robotic arms to assist in a few surgeries.

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Apr 27 2016

Caring for Your Cast

Your doctor may apply a cast when there is injury to the bone, muscles or joint to treat it appropriately. An orthopedic cast is shell, usually made of plaster, which immobilizes a bone or joint

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Apr 18 2016

6 Exercises to Help Prevent Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee occurs most often in older adults. Learn 6 easy exercises to help with the prevention of knee osteoarthritis.

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Jan 20 2016

Total Hip Replacement With MAKOplasty®

The MAKOplasty® technology implemented at Bumrungrad Hospital is an excellent choice for eligible candidates.

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Jan 18 2016

What to Do When You're Too Young for Knee Replacement Surgery

Consider these 7 different alternatives to knee replacement surgery if you’re suffering from chronic knee pain

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Jan 18 2016

Nutrition to boost bone and joint health

Bone and joint pain are often present in the lives of the elderly, but such problems can’t always be avoided. Instead, it’s better to strengthen one’s joint and bone health while still young.

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Jan 14 2016

When traditional surgery is not enough to treat osteoarthritis

Successful artificial joint replacement means not only a safe surgery but also a procedure that helps patients regain a high quality of life today and in the future.

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