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Knee pain during the COVID-19 - Which knee injections can help to alleviate the pain?

When it comes to knee pain, knee injections can offer relief, but which options are available? Learn more about knee injections for knee pain with Dr. Alisara Arirachakaran, or Dr. Amy, Sports Medicine Specialist.

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Knee pain during the COVID-19 - What supplements should you take?

Dr. Alisara Arirachakaran, or Dr. Amy, Sports Medicine Specialist, introduces supplements you can take to help improve your knee pain in this video.

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Fat burning exercises for people with knee pain

If you are currently experiencing knee pain but would like to exercise to lose weight, this video shows you how

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ACL injuries and treatment

ACL injuries are one of the most common sports injuries, but can also occur when weight is suddenly shifted from one leg to the other, when the knee is hyperextended beyond its normal range of motion or direct blow to the knee.

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Why meniscus injuries should not be ignored

Knees have a complex structure and therefore are a very vulnerable part of our body. Meniscus injuries are common in athletes, especially in those who play sports that require a lot of squatting, twisting and changing positions.

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Relieve knee pain from patellofemoral pain syndrome with the right exercises

This exercises video can help you to avoid injury while doing sports. It’s one of a VDO series.

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VO2Max – how to measure and improve your fitness

Vo2Max can quantify your fitness level. Breathing is of fundamental importance to our existence, and also to our well-being. In sports, performance and the efficiency of your body to create energy depends on the amount of oxygen you are able to consume.

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Are you experiencing knee pain from playing sports? Let’s fix it through exercise

If you are living with knee pain and are too afraid to exercise because of it, we are here to help. This video will help you to reduce the pain, build muscle, strengthen your knees.

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Exercises to help you avoid ankle sprains and strengthen the ankles

If you have recently sprained your ankle, watch this video to help you reduce the pain, while also strengthening your ankles.

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