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Let’s talk about health EP. 4 : Endoscopic Spine Surgery

What is endoscopic spine surgery? In this episode of "Let’s Talk About Health", Dr. Verapan will share some insight into the latest technology in spine surgery, especially the endoscopic technique.

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A bariatric endoscopy procedure can do more than help patients lose weight

A bariatric endoscopy procedure has a range of benefits, although many people only associate this new technique with weight loss as it can be a great option for those looking to lose weight without surgery.

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Obesity solutions at doctors fingertips | Bariatric Endoscopy at Bumrungrad

Accordingly to WHO, at least 2.8 million patients dying each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Digestive Disease Center of Bumrungrad International Hospital provides solutions to obesity.

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A Fast Recovery: Back to Your Everyday Living with Endoscopic Spine Surgery

These days, endoscopic spine surgery is quickly becoming the method of choice for many patients due to its shortened post-surgical recovery time. Let’s see how it works and how it’s different from surgical procedures in the past.

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