How important is the cornea?

November 09, 2022

The cornea is the front-most part covering the pupil, refracting lights entering the eye and thus it enables us to see. The cornea is our eye’s first defense against germs. An average cornea is about 520 microns thick, consisting of five layers:
  1. Epithelium, the outermost layer, consists of cells that can regenerate when damaged. A corneal epithelial wound could heal in seven days.
  2. Basement membrane is a thin layer containing collagen.
  3. Stroma, the middle layer and the thickest part of the cornea, representing about 90% of the corneal thickness.
  4. Descemet's membrane, the inner basement membrane, is a thin, strong layer with high elasticity.
  5. Endothelium, the innermost layer of the cornea, pumps water out of the stroma, keeping it from swelling and keeping the cornea transparent.  

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