Give the Gift of Life: How You Can Help During World Blood Donor Day

June 03, 2015

Learn how you can be a part of World Blood Donor Day by participating in Bumrungrad’s blood drive on June 10th.

World Blood Donor Day is honored in June across the globe. It’s a day to promote awareness of the importance of blood donations and an opportunity for people to donate their blood. There is no right or wrong reason for donating blood but doing so can help save lives. Learn more about why it’s important, what you can expect when donating blood, and how Bumrungrad International Hospital can make it easy for you to help.

Why it’s important to donate blood

Blood donations give the power of life to people in need of blood transfusions. These may be accident victims, surgery patients, or people battling cancer. Blood transfusions are conducted every day around the world and save countless lives each year.

Blood transfusions and its components are an essential part of health care. In fact, each donation can help multiple people because there are four different transfusable components to blood: red blood cells, plasma, platelets, and Cryoprecipitated Antihemophilic Factor (Cryo AHF), which assists in clotting.

Blood cannot be artificially manufactured, so hospitals and clinics look for willing donors to sign up for regular blood donations. Type O Negative blood is especially needed because it’s considered to be the universal blood type and can be given to newborns or emergency patients whose blood type is unknown.

What to expect when donating blood

There is no risk to donors who give blood but it can be a life changing experience for patients receiving blood. Some potential volunteers may feel unsure about donating, but our trained staff at Bumrungrad International Hospital will ensure that you will have a safe, simple, and painless procedure.

Prior to donating blood, we encourage you to get a full night’s rest, not be on antibiotics, and to eat a light meal and drink plenty of fluids that morning.

On the day of your donation, you will be asked to register and have a brief review of your medical history with one of our trained staff, as well as have a mini-physical.

You can expect for the entire procedure take a little over an hour. However, the actual blood donating portion only takes about 15 minutes in which you will be made comfortable in a seated position. Roughly one pint of blood is given during donations. Some patients may feel a little light headed while donating, but our staff will be nearby if assistance is needed.

After donating, you will be taken to a rest area and offered refreshments such as light cookies or juice. It is suggested that you rest for 10 to 15 minutes before continuing on with the rest of your daily activities. Avoid drinking alcohol or strenuous physical activity for the next 24 hours as your body restores its strength.

Men can donate blood up to four times a year and women can donate up to three times a year with at least two months between donations.

Bumrungrad encourages you to donate blood

There is a constant need of blood and your contribution is important for us to maintain a reliable blood supply to treat patients. Whatever your personal reason for donating blood is, you will walk away knowing that your small act of kindness will help save lives.

Bumrungrad International Hospital hosts blood drives four times a year to help those in need. In fact, the next blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19, 2018 from 9am to 3pm. Donors are encouraged to go to the Conference Center AB, 21st Floor in the Bumrungrad International Clinic Building. Walk-ins are welcome!

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