Spinal tumors

The causes of spinal tumors include:
  1. Spinal metastasis: This is the primary cause of spinal tumors and results from metastasis from other parts of the body such as the breast, prostate, thyroid, lungs, and kidneys. This condition mainly affects individuals over the age of 30 years. Some patients have a history of malignant tumors at other locations. 
  2. Primary spinal tumors: These are less common and are typically found in patients younger than 30 years.
  • Pain at the location of the spinal tumor
  • Some patients may experience fever, loss of appetite, or weight loss 
  • Some patients may experience vertebral destruction leading to fractures, which cause severe pain 
  • If the nerves or spinal cord are compressed, it can result in numbness or weakness
  • Plain X-ray: This is performed to observe the extent of vertebral damage at the site of pain
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with contrast: This is used to confirm the presence of a tumor, its location, and to assess the extent of compression on the nerves and spinal cord
  • Blood tests or other special tests: These are conducted to determine the origin of spinal tumors, especially in cases caused by metastasis
Treatment depends on the type of tumor, the response to chemotherapy and radiation, the stability of the spine, and the degree of nerve or spinal cord compression. Treatment may include:
  • Surgical treatment
  • Radiation therapy 
  • Chemotherapy

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