Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot within a deep vein in the body, usually in a deep leg vein.

  • Slow blood flow, often due to lying or sitting for an extend period of time.
  • Pooling of blood in a vein.
  • Injury to a blood vessel.
  • Clotting problems (can occur due to aging or disease).
  • Catheters placed in a vein.
  • Pain in your leg or calf
  • Swollen arm, leg, or ankle
  • Hardened vein, painful when pressed on
  • Change of skin color of legs to dull green
  • Red or discolored skin on the leg
  • A feeling of warmth in the affected leg due to enlarged vein
  • Bed rest.
  • Providing sufficient intravenous fluid.
  • Elevating the effected limb above the heart.
  • Wearing compression stocking.
  • Medication; Anticoagulant drugs to prevent additional clot formation.
  • Surgery to remove blood clot from the vein.
  • Not sitting too long. Get up frequently and move around.
  • Avoiding factors that lead to blood clot formation or poor blood circulation such as smoking.
  • Wearing compression stocking to allow more venous blood flow.
  • Taking anticoagulant medication if advised by doctor.

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