Providing Infectious Waste Bags to the Community

June 25, 2021

With the current COVID-19 pandemic,hazardous waste, that needs to be disposed of properly, is piling up fast. This waste is a source of germs and disease that needs to be deposited in red infectious waste bags; as a result.

Separating waste is good for our planet. Separating non-infectious from infectious waste not only reduces the harmful effects to the planet, it increases safety for sanitation workers and helps prevent the spread of germs in the community. However, doing so effectively requires the cooperation and support of everyone. It starts at home.

Wearing a face mask is an effective way to protect against the spread of COVID-19. But with millions of people using disposal masks, infectious waste is piling up. Additionally, other kinds of personal protective equipment, sharp objects, pharmaceuticals, and first aid items are also hazardous waste that need to be disposed of properly. These items are considered a source of germs and disease, and therefore, are required to be disposed of in a safe manner. Red infectious waste bags are used to indicate potentially hazardous content.

With this pandemic in full force, infectious waste has been increasing dramatically all over — and with it, the need for these red waste bags. Recently, many public health organizations in Thailand have been experiencing a shortage of these bags. Additionally, people have been bringing their hazardous waste to dispose of in public infectious waste bins, which has led to the bags running out even faster.

With news of this, the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, Bumrungrad International Hospital, M.K. Real Estate, and Rakxa decided to come together to donate red infectious waste bags to the Community Healthcare Departments of six Subdistrict Administrative Organizations (SAO) in the Phra Pradaeng District of Samut Prakran Province. This effort contributes to improving overall environment of the Bang Krachao area.

This operation took place on May 17, 2021.
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