Bumrungrad International Hospital organizes a press conference of Urology Center

May 31, 2024

Bumrungrad Urology Center proud to deliver comprehensive treatment options for those suffering from BPH

Currently, the aging population causes public health authorities around the world to worry about age-related health issues. One of the most common health issues for aging men is benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH, which is seen in over 50% of men over 60 and more than 80% of men over 70. Despite BHP being a benign condition, it is one that heavily impacts quality of life. 

Bumrungrad International Hospital understands the problem and aims to treat patients and improve their quality of life.  The Bumrungrad Urology Center is one of our many Centers of Excellence and has a team of highly experienced specialists utilizing the latest advances in medical technology to deliver effective comprehensive care to patients suffering from BPH and other prostate conditions, no matter how difficult or complex. This press event is focused on Bumrungrad’s dedication to being patients’ choice, due to our quality, safety, and effective care. We are committed to advancing care delivery through the use of the latest medical technology and adherence to international standards. 

Our focus at the Bumrungrad Urology Center is delivering high quality of life and peace of mind to our patients through individualized care and treatment options. Our experienced doctors adhere to the highest professional standards, treating over 5,000 BPH cases each year. Further, of our 5,000 annual BPH cases, 4,000 will not require surgical intervention. Only about 500 cases each year will require surgical procedures such as TURP which uses a transurethral resectoscope, HoLEP & PVP which utilize lasers to remove the prostate gland, Rezum, which employs water vapor to shrink the obstructing part of prostate, and UROLIFT system which opens up the urethra by anchoring the prostate with permanent implants.

Though BPH is not preventable, it is fully treatable through a wide range of treatment options. Men over 50 are recommended to undergo prostate examinations annually. Also, men experiencing unusual urination problems should see a doctor at their earliest convenience to explore treatment options and to help ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. Seeing the doctor early on will also help with minimizing the chance of unwanted complications. 

The Bumrungrad Urology Center’s teams of highly-experienced specialists are always available to help patients achieve the best quality of life possible.






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