The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center and Bumrungrad Hospital announce the launch of RAKxa: VitalLife @Bang Krachao

September 21, 2020

A joint venture with M.K. Real Estate and Minor International – the Asia’s first fully integrated scientific wellness and medical retreat

The Royal Thai Government national development policy seeks to establish Thailand as a medical hub to drive future economic growth, increase national public health capabilities, and better the health of the Thai people, in line with international standards.  Currently, this policy is being expanded to include medical and wellness tourism, Thailand’s strength, which is viewed as an excellent opportunity to increase Thai tourism.



According to the Global Wellness Institute, Thailand ranks 13th globally in wellness related tourism, worth 9.4 billion USD annually.  The International Healthcare Research Center reveals that the medical tourism industry in Thailand ranks 6th globally in terms of the number of medical tourists - taking in 38% of all medical tourists in Asia, with an annual growth rate of 14%.


Pharmacist Artirat​ Charukitpipat, Chief​ Executive​ Officer, Bumrungrad Hospital​ reveals that “to ensure our continued strength as a medical health and wellness hub during this important time, the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center is working with​ M.K. Real Estate Development Public Company Limited​ and​Minor International Public Company Limited​ to create a world-class medical & wellness retreat, representing another successful step in starting a national-level project, which depends on having excellent partners and a shared vision to help medical and wellness tourism in Thailand reach world-class status, in-line with national policy to make Thailand a ‘Medical & Wellness Resort of the World.’  The VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center is proud to be part of this effort to help advance Thailand as the global destination for medical and wellness tourism.”


With the experience of over 20 years in operation, the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, which was the first wellness and anti-aging center in Asia, is dedicated to providing preventative healthcare in 3 key ways:
1) Total Personalization – which means managing our clients’ health and wellness via individually tailored programs to provide precision treatments and rehabilitations based-on each client’s unique genetics, medical history, and lifestyle.
2) Science-based – meaning adherence to solutions accepted by mainstream science and which are supported by evidence. This is a strength of our process of providing treatment and care.
3) Trustworthy Partnership – VitalLife strives to be our client’s trusted ally and perennially at their sides, while providing equal care for all and working transparently to foster client confidence, along with our experienced team of trusted consultants and advisors dedicated to helping all our clients achieve their best health.


Pharmacist Artirat​ Charukitpipat ​further added, “We use these 3 key elements to VitalLife to further develop our brand under the name of our newest offering – “VitalLife​ @Bang​ Krachao”, which will be the first medical and wellness retreat in Thailand to integrate Eastern and Western medicine, featuring both in detailed medical treatment and lifestyle modification plans.”


Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon Medical Director, VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic at Bang Krachao and Chief Operation Officer (COO), VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center explained that the integrated healthcare offered at RAKxa: VitalLife @Bang Krachao differs from what is available in other places because we design personalized care programs through genetic analysis, alongside lifestyle coaching to counsel our clients about what positive changes they can make to increase their quality of life though diet, exercise, or behavior.

Each person’s unique genetics is the seed from which they grow and develop.  Some people have genetic predispositions towards particular diseases or conditions, which may include cancers, diabetes, high cholesterol & triglycerides, heart disease.  So as our genetics direct the development of the body, there is the likelihood these conditions will grow as well. Just as plants require water, soil, and nutrients to grow to their potential, human health is nurtured by lifestyle and external factors.

Lifestyle factors include diet & nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management, which plays the same role as fertilizer does for plants.  External factors for humans are what soil and water are for plants. Even though they are on the outside, factors such as exposure to toxins, PM 2.5, heavy metals, communicable diseases (like COVID-19) can cause internal changes, affecting even our DNA.

For a seed to grow into a tree, it requires care as does controlling human hormone levels, eliminating toxins & detoxification, maintaining digestive health, memory & brain function, preventing fatigue, and maintaining bone & muscle health, and immunity.  The mission of VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao is to take action to maintain our clients’ physical faculties and use preventative care to address potential health issues before the onset of symptoms. Some may view constipation, diarrhea, or fatigue as ‘normal’ everyday occurrences and others think conditions like migraines are incurable.  In fact, none of these is normal and all are treatable or controllable. Prevention is present and future trajectory of healthcare and is much more valuable than needing to seek treatment after symptoms have already begun.


We used this concept to develop 9 wellness programs, such as our Gut Health Program for those with indigestion, bloating, or issues related to elimination.  Our Immune Booster program is for those with weak immune systems, those who are often sick, or who have allergies. The Detox program addresses exposure to heavy metals & environmental toxins, inflammation (which can be a source of aging), and diseases treatable through detoxification.  Lastly, the Mobility program is for those experiencing joint & bone related pain. All the programs at VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao have been designed to increase quality of life and decrease risks of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol/triglycerides, and more

Aside from the wellness programs at VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao, many opportunities are available for our clients to educate themselves about their health, which include lifestyle coaches who can offer advice to help our clients make beneficial changes to their lifestyles and become more aware of the importance of being healthy by providing examples, and educating them about lifestyle factors - chief among them being diet & nutrition.  If our clients can understand how to choose an appropriate diet, then they can move on to learn about choosing fresh toxin-free ingredients from RAKxa: VitalLife’s chefs and nutritionists, who offer insight into every meal while in residence. Their tips will continue to be useful in our clients’ normal lives after their stay is over. Medication and rehabilitation alone cannot improve the quality of life unless selfcare plays it role.

VitalLife’s lifestyle coaches are essential to help our clients change their behavior as doctors frequently observe that many people are unable to make 100% of the lifestyle changes recommended, due to the pressures of work and family.  Therefore, coaches are necessary to assist and supervise our clients as they adjust to new diet and exercise choices. The doctors at VitalLife are available to counsel clients after they go back to their normal lives. Additionally, Bumrungrad and VitalLife have developed teleconsultation to link doctors with our clients – as if the hospital were in their phone.  There are doctors available for consultation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. VitalLife will make use of this channel to supplement the programs at VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao to ensure our clients always have their best health.

Dr. Rataporn Ungpakorn, Specialist in Dermatology, Lasers and Aesthetics​ &​ Aesthetic Dermatologist, VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic at Bang Krachao​, added that “aside from caring for clients from the inside - out, VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao has a unit dedicated to aesthetics to look after your external appearance, which you can see, taste, smell, hear, and touch in an integrated way as we look after your wellness.  What makes VitalLife different from other wellness providers is our team of doctors and specialists providing integrated care. Also, VitalLife​ @Bang Krachao provides a unique physical experience and ambience, as it is the largest clinic in Thailand and covers 200 rai. The flavors of each dish are designed to foster good health and create a beauty in conjunction with out many programs – Thermage, Ulthera, Botox, fillers, and more in delivered with a heighten sense of privacy amidst nature surrounded by lakeside flowers and the Chaopraya River at RAKxa​ @Bang Krachao, Samutprakan province – allowing our clients to feel relaxed while participating in their program of choice with the utmost ease.”



Pharmacist Artirat​ Charukitpipat ended by saying, “Launching the first fully integrated scientific wellness and medical retreat in Thailand and Asia will raise the bar for the medical tourism industry in Thailand and VitaLlife is proud to play a key role in helping Thailand become a world-class medical & wellness destination for both Thais and people around the world post-COVID-19 and to create much needed economic growth for Thailand.”  

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