Without a doubt, I will go to Bumrungrad

After looking at a world of hospitals and doctors I finally decided on Bumrungrad. I heard its one of the best hospitals in Bangkok with the best doctors. To be honest they didn’t lie.
I contacted them via email, they quickly responded me, it was this way I found my doctor as well.
After I send them a copy of a all my studies, they confirmed I was due for a quadrupedal bypass. Trust me, the decision to leave my hometown to fly half way around the world was not easy, but in a mater of life or death the answer was simple.
I arrive to Bangkok and visited my doctor the next day, Bumrungrad looks like a high tech hotel, nothing of what I had pictured. Saw my doctor, they ran some more test and signed tons of consent papers.
I booked a private room, to be honest I don’t know if there are shared rooms, but this one had a lovely view of the tropical outdoors, a plasma tv, a huge couch for my sister to sleep. It even had a microwave and a small fridge, that was crazy handy for sodas and snacks for my sister that went with me.
The operation thank god went without a flaw, the doctors and the care was incredible. Every time I wanted or needed something, a nurse was there by my side, checking on me, making sure I was not in a lot of pain. To be honest this was the best decision of my life and I wish I could have this type of care at home. If I am ever sick again I will without a doubt still go to Bumrungrad. To this date I still talk with my cardiologist and if I ever need anything Thailand im going back. 

Mr. Robert 
Review in Nextstophealth.com