"Recovered from a heart attack in the very best medical hands"

I have been back to Thailand several times over the years, but for some reason, this particular trip, which I scheduled to coincide with the King's birthday, seemed extra momentous.   I felt overexerted at one point, and sought out some bottled water, as I figured that I had dehydrated myself. A few minutes rest, and I was off again. This time my exertion began taking a larger toll on me, and I found a small bridge over a klong to lean on, and hold my chest.  It then hit me  that I was having a heart attack. 

Cars were at standstill with engines off. And then a lone tuk tuk loomed into view. I flagged him down and said I had to get to Bumrungrad. Finally landing at the doors of the emergency room, I stumbled forward through them and said, I was having chest pain.   There was a calm urgency, a seriousness and honesty of all whom were working on my behalf . I also knew I was in the very best medical hands I could have hoped for. I spent the next five days in the CCU and then a recovery floor.

I feel the essence of a hospital's care is measured not only in the technical superiority of it's upper echelon, but in the true caring and job satisfaction of the people who are the nuts and bolts of any operation. There was genuine caring on all levels, and a level of urgency, diligence, and compassion that I have rarely seen in the west. I am now back in the snowy mountains of the California winter, and know I am here in equal measure because of a dedicated tuk tuk driver, the skill of my Health Care team, and the luck of a King.

Chok Dee,

Khun John F.