Planning to return for check up

Hi everyone,

I have been living in Zanzibar since September 2004 and this is the second year that I traveled to Bangkok for my annual medical checkup which was very positive. I have more energy than I’ve had in a few years and I believe that much of it has to do with getting lots of Vitamin D from the sun and living a good life.

I could go on forever about my enthusiasm about Bumrungrad, the doctors and the efficiency (and the affordable costs). Let me just say that this year was a good experience for me. I saw the same doctors that I did last year. They told me that they like working at Bumrungrad - because they have such a great support staff they can focus on being doctors, not managing a practice themselves.

At Bumrungrad the doctors can easily talk with each other and I never have to wait days or weeks to get a test result or a referral. I will be going to Bumrungrad every year for my medical checkup and if anything does happen to me I plan on going there to be treated.

- Kathryn S.
Zanzibar, Tanzania