Pediatrics: New born helped

Newborn Caitlyn Roberts-Johnson came to Bumrungrad from Doha, Qatar with a severe birth defect in her heart in August 2007. The hospital was recommended to her parents by a Thai friend; Bumrungrad’s capabilities were verified by the Australian Embassy.

Bumrungrad pediatric cardiology surgeons Dr. Preecha and Dr.Samphant performed a difficult and intricate surgery to the heart defect. The surgery was a success and Caitlyn has flown back home with her family. Following are comments by Caitlyn’s mother, Sharrell:

We made independent inquiries between London, Germany, Singapore, India and Thailand and found that Bumrungrad in Thailand was the most positive in outcome and would most likely to be able to perform the procedure.

Everyone from the CEO, Medical Director Dr. Peter Morley, the nurses, down to the housekeeping staffs have been helpful, accommodating and supportive to make my stay here most comfortable as it can possibly be. The hospital is like a hotel. They even sent flowers daily for me and Caitlyn.

pediatric cardiology surgeons and patient
I have the highest praises for Dr. Preecha and Dr. Samphant, whose expertise was so remarkable…along with their kind and caring dedication to Caitlyn. It is as if Caitlyn is their only patient. They can be reached at a drop of a hat. They came to visit her on weekends and their days off, too.

I appreciate all that the hospital has done for my family and I look forward to coming back to Thailand soon to have Caitlyn under Dr. Preecha’s care again

Caitlyn Roberts J.