"Not after the money but for the well being of patients"

To the BUMRUNGRAD HOSPITAL management,

I am writing this letter to extend our deepest gratitude to Dr. Eliseo Cagamay Jr. for his wisdom in replying to our queries about the possible treatment of ET in your dignified hospital.

Dr. Eliseo Cagamay gave a very straight forward reply to our email. In our long battle with ET, we met all kinds of Doctors and Dr. Cagamay is one of a kind. He can just say that we'll go to Thailand for the treatment but he advised otherwise. He is not after money or income but for the well being of patients. He is a Doctor with a heart. Bumrungrad is really a WORLD OF CARE!!!

To Dr. Cagamay, knowing that a Doctor still exist is an inspiration to most people nowadays. You are a Doctor with a heart.

Again, our deepest gratitude.
Mariano S. Y.