Heart center: "Could not find reason for a complaint"

I heard about your hospital sometime ago, mainly from my Arab friend.  Had I not visited your hospital, I would not have known what was happening to my heart!!!  A Chest Xray and an ECG was taken in India and one more ECG was done in Dubai and nobody could find that my heart had three blocks!!!!!

Had my ECG  not been performed while I was on a treadmill, my heart's condition could not have been found.  Millions of thanks to your physician who advised such a step. An angiogram  was performed  and the major block was removed by Dr Surat.

Normally, I am in the habit of finding fault with something or someone but amazingly I couldn't find a reason or an incidence for a complaint..... again amazing!!!! Wonderful doctors, wonderful staff, wonderful arrangements and management.  I have no words to express my gratitude and thanks.  

Dr Surat is not only as a wonderful professional doctor but also  a fine human being and I pray that God gives him better health and and more prosperity for many years to come so that he can hundreds of patients like me in the many years to come.  I also would particularly like to mention one more person - the young lady technician who undertook my sleep test.  An amazing lady, very caring, very considerate who makes her patients feel as if they are in their own homes.

Kindest regards