Returning medical tourist: "highest standard of medical care"

Dear Sir/Ma’am: I am writing this note to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the physicians, nurses, technical personnel and assistants, and hospital administrative staff at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Last month, I traveled to Bumrungrad for a series of scheduled outpatient examinations, consults, and treatments – and the care, support, and assistance I received was outstanding and first class in every regard. The physicians, nurses, and staff were professional, helpful, and courteous, and made every effort to ensure I received the highest standard of medical care. I wish to extend my personal thanks to

1. Dr. Ken Srimanunthiphol (C-UP)
2. Dr. Sitthiporn Orapin (Ortho)
3. Dr. Nussra Wograttanapasson (Skin)
4. Dr. Thippawan Chantarasak (Dental)

and to their assistants and staff for the professional and exemplary care they provided to me. In every clinic visit, I received prompt, professional, and attentive care. Every physician and health care provider explained their findings to me, and provided me with copies of their evaluations and radiographic reports. I was always treated with great courtesy and respect, and each provider took special efforts to ensure they answered every question I had related to my personal health and well-being.

I have one other matter of praise that I wish to mention – it relates to the compassionate and exemplary care and treatment your staff has provided to Muataz Safaa Hammodi Al-Rubaiy (HN101758308). In July 2009, I escorted Muataz from Baghdad, Iraq, to Bumrungrad Hospital to receive urgent medical care for traumatic injuries he suffered in Iraq. Under your care, Muataz has made a remarkable recovery from his injuries and your treatment and rehabilitative care has given him and his family great comfort and joy. Muataz’s remarkable journey to recovery began with an initial evaluation by Dr. Wannapa Lertprapamongkol, and then was seen by Dr. Piyavit Sorachaimetha who set up a specific plan of treatment and rehabilitation. Both physician’s provided him with outstanding care and continue to follow his progress. Muataz is still receiving outpatient care at Bumrungrad, and I was able to spend some time with him during my recent visit. I witnessed first-hand the amazing improvement in his condition, all of which is directly attributed to the expert medical care you have provided to him. I close this note by again expressing my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the extraordinary care and support you provided to me, and to my dear friend, Muataz Hammodi. Bumrungrad Hospital, and all of its providers and staff, represents the very best in health care service and support.
My best regards to all,
Joseph T. F. HN 101765835<br />