Heart center: Burmese displaced child saved

We are writing to express our deep thanks  to the cardiac surgeon Dr. Samphant Ponvilawan ,also Dr. Preecha  Laohakonakorn (Pediatric Cardiologist ) & Dr. Alisa Limsuwan (Pediatric Cardiologist) concerning  the recent care of  Miss Yin Chan a little 3 year old displaced child from Burma with a potentially fatal heart defect.  The concern & kindness we observed from this helpful & experienced team  was fantastic and their  bedside manner  demonstrated care & compassion for a family that have only known hostility and fear.

I work as a nurse/midwife running a clinic on the Thai/Burma border witha small NGO group  called Mercy Teams International  currently in its pioneer stages. Where we work there is hardly any access to health care and so we link with the Kwai River Christian hospital on the Thai side who do an amazing job taking my referrals & helping many Burmese & displaced people  who suffer terribly due to the persecution from the Burmese military that drive them to the borders to find refuge.

Yin Chan was given little hope of surgery due to the fact she was a Burmese displaced child, from an extremely poor  family and having no I.D she was  unable to access the Thai system. Due to this,  private care was the only option we had to save her. Raising funds for her treatment  proved successful thanks to many Christian friends who heard her story & were moved to give, to enable her to have the necessary heart surgery.

So we express our heartfelt  gratitude to the CCU nurse team & especially Dr. Samphant Ponvilawan & Dr. Preecha ,for their  dedicated, professional gentle & compassionate  care , additionally we  just wish to convey ours sincere thanks to all involved. Thanks to Leah Foo , nurse administrator who has been a great support & worked tirelessly to assist us in all the arrangements to enable this to happen so smoothly .Huge  thanks to Alexander who works as a translator at Bumrungrad & worked well beyond the calls of duty translating for the mother into Burmese all she needed to know  & reassuring her  in her times of fear & anxiety for her little girl.

To summarize our letter of thanks we would like to reiterate our appreciation again to   Dr. Samphant  for  his excellent care which demonstrated genuine concern & compassion, his remarkable skills a s a cardiologist & surgeon resulting in a successful  outcome and a new life for a little girl who now has the energy to run &  play without being breathless & tired. Yin Chan has now returned to her village on the border and we also pass on thankfulness from the mother, brothers & sisters who had never believed she would be better & thought they were saying goodbye to her forever when they parted a few weeks ago.

Thankyou Bumrungrad cardiologist team,
Yours sincerely
Andy & Cindy R.