The fantastic treatment we have received

Today my wife and me are leaving the hospital. It have been a real pleasure being here for nearly 7 weeks surrounded by extremely professional and engaged staff. When we came I was in a very poor shape with infection in the spine and a misplaced cage from an earlier surgery in Middle East where I work.

Right from day 1 we felt we were in good hands. Dr. Thanet, Dr. Witthawin and Dr. Wichai soon found the cause of the infection and the right medication so I was just waiting for the day the planned surgery should take place.

This is a private hospital so I was very surprised to know days before the surgery that the doctors suggested me not to do the surgery for the best interest of ME !! Not for profit for the hospital but For the best interest of me !! What a team of ethic/morale thinking doctors, surely I was very surprised. My spine have started showing signs of spontaneous fusion, I have absolutely no pain I simply owe these doctors so much respect and will have no hesitation to recommend this hospital to anyone. Let me also use this opportunity to thank all the nurses and physio therapist on 12 floor for all their caring work.

Best regards from my wife who was here with me all 7 weeks as we'll.

Warm thanks, 

Pakaporn & Ove Sundall Pedersen