Extensive examination and care

Every member of staff from the door men to the doctor was massively friendly & helpful. Kathryn's doctor was very professioonal & spoke exellent english.

When we came to the hospital in a taxi we thought the driver had brought us to a royal Palace. The building both inside & out was imaculate. Kathryn was promptly sent to the correct departments & seen to by the doctors & nurses within an hour. Their examinations & care were very extensive.

The ward where Kathryn stayed (the cheapest) was very comfortable & clean. The food menu had a nice choice & was quite yummy. Leaving Kathryn at the hospital over night was not a worry. I had full trust that she would be O.K. Visiting hours were totally flexible and she had a direct line next to her bed. Just by being asked to write of my experience shows a huge commitment in customer care.

Kathryn A. & Georgina H.