Baby Delivery: "Felt like we were one big family"

 Dear Khun Mack:

My name is Chris and my wife and I just recently delivered our first child at your hospital, Bumrungrad. I had to relocate to Bangkok. I am originally from the US and my wife from China so both of our medical experiences and expectations differ drastically.

We decided to take the tour of Bumrungrad and a couple other local hospitals. In the end, we decided on Bumrungrad primarily because of the overall better technology

However, after our first few days here, we realized that the people part of Bumrungrad is what impressed us the most. Dr. Nopadol was great, quick, and concerned, everything you would want in a surgeon. Dr. Karl has a very special demeanor about him..... I don't think he could have chosen a better profession then a pediatrician!

And finally, the nurses who took care of my wife and my baby felt like my own family members, like sisters.... I think that phrase says it all. Khun Luksana was so tremendous that we wanted to take her home with us, not because she knows so much about breast feeding, but you could tell that she cares about our baby and us. She spent numerous hours with my wife teaching her the basics!!

The other nurses, so many to name, were just fantastic.... Khun June, Khun Oraya, Khun Varavat, etc. If I knew all there names, I would put all of them down here!

As the head of this type of organization, you should be very proud to have such an engaged team!

Respirators, ventilators, computers, EKG machines, etc. are all types of assets that organizations can buy and it is an easy process to replicate. People and their work culture, ethics, and efforts are the real difference makers.

Thanks for a great service.... and making our stay feel like we were one big family!