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Knee Joint Injections: A viable option used in the treatment of knee osteoporosis

Knee osteoporosis is agonizing for those unfortunate enough to develop the condition, because the resulting pain can be severe enough to inhibit a person’s ability to undertake their daily tasks. Fortunately, there are various ways of alleviating the pain and suffering associated with this condition. However, in cases where lifestyle modifications, losing weight, improving dietary choices, and physical therapy have been unsuccessful, knee joint injections are a viable option for those looking to alleviate their symptoms without the need for surgery and the subsequent rehabilitation period.

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Amyloidosis: An invisible killer

Amyloidosis is a rare condition affecting approximately 1 in every 100,000 people. It is caused by the overproduction of amyloid proteins.

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Living with a purpose | Bumrungrad International Horizon Center

Ms. Yalinsok was diagnosed with a type of cancer known as Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Learning of the diagnosis was very difficult as well as going through the treatments was an isolating experience. But with the help of Bumrungrad's oncology team, which includes chemo- and radiation therapy, the coordination physicians' assistance, and psychological support, Ms. Yalinsok is thriving today.

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