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Scoliosis Patient Testimonial | Khun Boonsiri Chutinawee’s impressions of scoliosis surgery

Boonsiri Chutinawee, a 15-year-old patient, found out that she had scoliosis after she underwent a health check-up at school. Having noticed an uneven waistline, she lost self-confidence. She then talked with her family about getting surgery as a cure.

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Hand,Foot,Mouth Disease -Keep Your Kids Safe by Vaccination!

During the rainy season, one of the most common childhood illnesses is hand, foot and mouth disease – the disease that can bring painful mouth sores and rash on the body. If your children age between 6 months to 5 years old, this is the perfect time for hand, foot, and mouth disease vaccination! All you need to know about this disease is here, be prepared and let’s keep your kids away from it.

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Constipation is more than just a nuisance

Constipation is a disruption in digestion that goes beyond inconvenience. Uncover the triggers, potential risks, and clear indicators for seeking medical attention to ensure a harmonious digestive rhythm and overall well-being.

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Navigating Gastroesophageal Reflux

GERD is a common chronic condition that causes discomfort when stomach acid and digestive enzymes flow back into the esophagus. Learn how to ease the symptoms with lifestyle changes, and explore treatment options.

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Preparation before spinal surgery and postoperative care

Most spinal surgeries are performed in the neck and lower back.

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O-arm navigation system in spine surgery

Nowadays, technology has advanced.Evolving modern advanced technology has been introduced to assist in spine surgery. The purposes are to increase accuracy and safety of surgery even more.

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Nurturing Your Mothers' Well-being: A Guide to Holistic Healthcare

In the contemporary era, women have numerous responsibilities — career responsibilities and household responsibilities. And often, with their busy schedules, many ignore their health. However, prioritizing personal health is vital.

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Customizing Women's Healthcare for Different Life Stages

Women's health maintenance spans three life stages: adolescence, reproductive age, and menopause. Within each phase, females may encounter distinct symptoms and varying disease risks. Thus, adhering to routine medical check-ups as advised by a healthcare professional and promptly consulting a doctor when noticing unusual symptoms can aid in disease prevention and early detection.

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Dengue vaccine, protecting yourself from the peak period for dengue fever.

You and your loved ones are in danger due to the increasing in dengue fever during the rainy season!, especially children and those with recurrent infections. Knowing that protecting yourself from carrier mosquito bites seems almost impossible, dengue vaccination is another option for lowering your risk of developing a serious infection that can cause you to be fatal.

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