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Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty: A New Way to Lose Weight Without Surgery

Obesity does not only undermines impair self-confidence, but  Obesity makes many patients lose confidence in their appearance.  Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), a novel technique derived from a prior prior surgical technique called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG), is less invasive, and offers favorable weight reduction outcomes.

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Stay Healthy Doctor Talk "Coping with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic"

During the COVID-19 pandemic, strict management of daily live, social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews have disrupted lives of people around the world, which may increase stress and anxiety. Coping with stress in a healthy way helps you and your love ones go through the situation while maintaining your mental health.

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Almost 30 Experts Behind The Scenes of Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

Based on the true story of a former cancer patient and a variety of other medical personnel who play a role behind the scenes of cancer treatment that you may not have known before.

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Stay Healthy Doctor Talk "The Power of Your Genes: Preventing a Broken Heart"

Dr. Polakit Teelakirikul discusses on how your genes can help you prevent and keep your heart healthy. Dr. Polakit is a cardiologist specializing in genetics.

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Stay Healthy Doctor Talk "Fixing Your Broken Heart Valve"

Dr. Wattanaphol is a cardiologist who specializes on heart valve replacement. On today's episode, he discusses a new and safer way in replacing a heart valve.

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A Time of Treatment, A Gift of Life

“Faith in the in the treatment, steadfastly practicing their faith, good spirits, and plenty of rest; these are the factors that bring the patients mind, body and spirit into balance. This is corroborated by research on the medical benefits of religious faith. For us, Islam is actually a way of life, a set of practical guidelines laid out in scripture.” These are the views that Dr. Surasit Saleh Issarachai, an oncologist and hematologist at Bumrungrad Hospital, has on combining the practicalities of modern medicine with a faith-based attitude.

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Stay Healthy Doctor Talk "Living a normal life with HIV"

Dr. Wadchara Pumpradit is an expert in Sexually Transmitted Infections. He will share facts and tips for living a normal life with HIV.

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Make no bones about it: Sealing the deal with a bone marrow transplant

“I never once felt demoralized or disheartened, because I trusted my doctors. As soon as I was ready, the hospital made things happen very quickly. Even though this was my third bone marrow transplant, I never lost the feeling that I was getting better. I still feel as hopeful as when I first discovered that I had cancer.” Such is the confidence that Thitichaya Phuthannapalawat, a leukemia patient, has in the Horizon Regional Cancer Center.

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This pain in the abdomen: endometriosis can be treated

Endometriosis, which causes pain in the abdomen, can affect women at any age. Treatment depends on the stage and severity of the disease. Endometriosis might also make it more difficult to get pregnant. A healthy immune system can play a role in tackling the condition.

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