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Apr 05 2018

Five Things to Do If Your Child is Obese

More parents than ever are dealing a child who is obese.

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Nov 23 2017

What Research tells us about the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The long-term health consequences are deadly serious: Overweight children are almost twice as likely as to become overweight adults, compared to normal-weight children.

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Jul 20 2016

Treatment Options for Common Behavioral Disorders in Young Children

Learning that your child has a behavioral disorder can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience, both for you and your child.

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Jul 20 2016

Common Behavioral Disorders in Young Children

It’s natural for young children to be rowdy and attentive at times, but this behavior can get out of control for some kids. When these behaviors get out of control and start affecting the lives of children, their parents, their teachers, and even other children, it’s time to consider what could be the root cause of the issue and look for solutions. In this article, we explore the general signs of several common behavioral disorders in young children.

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Apr 09 2015

Tour of Bumrungrad International Hospital's Sleep Lab in Bangkok, Thailand

Not getting a good night’s sleep? It may be time to make an appointment with Bumrungrad Sleep specialists

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Jul 25 2014

ADHD Or "Naughty Child Syndrome"

 All children can be a little naughty, but if your child is too overactive, not able to maintain focus, and behaves in a way that affects learning and social relationships, he or she may need treatment for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

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