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Nov 13 2020

You may get HPV in your lifetime…

HPV strains 16 and 18 alone are responsible for 70% of all cervical cancer cases. Most of HPV infection are contracted through sexual intercourse.

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Nov 05 2020

My Journey Into Motherhood | Ms. Anneke’s Story

“The birth process should be as close to nature as possible”, says Ms. Anneke. At Bumrungrad International we care for mothers and their children, even before they are born, with our high quality and specialized maternity services.

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Nov 04 2020

High-risk pregnancies require specialized expert care: Gestational Diabetes and Obesity

Gestational diabetes and obesity increase the risk of pregnancies, this blog identifies these risks, and how women can mitigate them.

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Oct 29 2020

Breast Cancer: Understanding a Diagnosis

Among the cancers affecting women worldwide, breast cancer is one of the most common. Still, an individual diagnosis is a personal issue, affecting each woman differently and bringing up a myriad of questions. Understanding a breast cancer diagnosis is vital so that medical teams can tackle the disease alongside a patient.

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Oct 01 2020

Family Planning

Welcome to Bumrungrad Q&A on family planning. Answering frequently asked questions on family planning and related fertility issues are our OB/GYN special-ists, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chartchai Srisombut and Dr. Nahathai Paktinum.

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Aug 31 2020

High-risk pregnancies require specialized expert care: Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy, with a woman carrying two or more children in her womb, is often viewed as blessing for the mother. Yet, the blessing comes with a higher risk of complications.

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Aug 20 2020

High-risk pregnancies require specialized expert care: First pregnancy in women over 40

This Blog addresses the increased risks of expecting mothers of advanced maternal age and what Bumrungrad’s specialists do to ensure safety of the mother and fetus.

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Aug 10 2020

High-risk pregnancies require specialized expert care: Hypertension (high blood pressure) and preeclampsia

Several conditions can endanger a pregnancy. Yet, medical experts can identify most risks in time and properly treat them. Two conditions discussed in this blog that may touch your life, or that of someone you know, are hypertension and preeclampsia.

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Jul 24 2020

It Is Normal to Have Vaginal Discharge but Certain Sign and Symptoms Should Guide You to Seek Care from a Health Professional

Leukorrhea refers to the natural secretions that are released from a woman’s vagina. These secretions are responsible for lubrication and the prevention of infection. The type, color, and volume of discharge varies from person to person, as well as time based on the individual’s menstrual cycle. Read up on what else it can tell and what to look out for.

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