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Are you experiencing knee pain from playing sports? Let’s fix it through exercise

If you are living with knee pain and are too afraid to exercise because of it, we are here to help. This video will help you to reduce the pain, build muscle, strengthen your knees.

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Exercises to help you avoid ankle sprains and strengthen the ankles

If you have recently sprained your ankle, watch this video to help you reduce the pain, while also strengthening your ankles.

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Relieve knee pain and ankle sprains through the right exercise

This exercise video can help you to avoid injury while doing sports. It’s one of a VDO series.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane | Flying across the sky to regain back life

"Being 461 miles away from Thailand, it was impossible for you to be transferred with your multiple organ failure" said the doctor in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Many people who work in an office setting suffer from office syndrome.

An executive shares her experience at Bumrungrad International Hospital’s Sports Medicine & Lifestyle Center and how pleased she was with the results after receiving treatment for her office syndrome.

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Inspired by the true story of​ a foreign couple.

“This is not what I imagined Thailand to be.” When you think of Thailand, what comes to your mind?

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4 Things to Know about Warming Up Before Exercise

Does it matter whether or not you warm up before exercising or playing sports? There are a number of good reasons to always start

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