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Jan 25 2021

World Cancer Day: Stepping into a cancer-free world together

Cancer remains one of the greatest enemies to our health and wellbeing in the 21st century. At the current rate, it will soon surpass cardiovascular disease as the number one cause of death. Almost none of us are untouched by cancer;

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Jan 18 2021

Half-matched Stem Cell Transplants: Twice the Hope, Half the Wait, Full Recovery

A haploidentical stem cell transplant (colloquially called “half-matched transplant”) is a highly effective treatment option available at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center. “The bone marrow transplant is a treatment option for cancer of the blood. In some cases, it is the only hope of being completely cured of cancer, but the chances of finding a complete-match bone marrow donor are very slim. However, a 50% match is now all that is required for treatment with high success rate. ” said Assoc. Prof. Col. Dr. Wichean Mongkonsritragoon, a haematology and oncology specialist.

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Jan 05 2021

I Live What I Do | Dr. Brian Kunakom | Naturopathic Consultant

Therefore, our health can always be better. But it has to start somewhere”, Dr. Brian Kunakom, one of Bumrungrad’s Naturopathic Consultant, is very passionate in what he does, sharing the other side of wellness and healing.

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Oct 14 2020

Breast Cancer: Risk Awareness & Early Detection

With 2 million cases diagnosed worldwide in 2018, breast cancer accounts for over 10% of all cancers and some 23% of all cancers in women. With the potential to be highly curable, breast cancer still remains one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths for women across the world.

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Aug 04 2020

Against the Unthinkable: Facing the illness with infectious hope

“Hope; that my wife will survive the operation. The word is what sooths me the most. We are hoping for the best.” This, in so many words, is a UN diplomat Sameer Sharma’s plea for his beloved wife’s life in the fight against breast cancer.

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Jul 22 2020

Robots and Radiation: How Cutting-edge Sciences Cut Away Prostate Cancer

Robotic–assisted da Vinci Surgery or Da Vinci® Prostatectomy or Robotic Prostatectomy is one of the most minimally invasive option available.

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Jul 08 2020

Surgical pathology: the treatment pathfinder

“I myself was once a cancer patient at Horizon Regional Cancer Center. Six years have passed, and I still get regular checkups. I follow my doctor’s recommendations and take my anti-hormone medicine religiously.

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Jun 25 2020

For Her Love of Music: The Song that Beat Cancer

If there’s one thing that Nguyen Thi Man will go to any lengths to keep doing, that one thing would be singing. This 53-year-old realtor from Vietnam cannot help but smile and laugh each time she goes up on stage, even while lung cancer is threatening to take that happiness away.

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Jun 15 2020

Tailor-made Surgery: A Bespoke Suit for Your Health Needs

“I’ve never considered any case insurmountable,” says Dr. Piyawan Kensakoo, a general surgeon at the Horizon Regional Cancer Center, Bumrungrad Hopital. “It’s just that each patient is a unique case, and it’s our job to tailor the surgery to their case as best we can, because we want the best treatment possible for them, so that they can go back to living their healthy lives as normal.”

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