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May 21 2020

Chasing Mutation: A Tale from Laboratory

“We put tremendous effort into accurately identifying the cancer mutation as quickly as possible. Getting the right medication to our patients in a timely manner depends on it.

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May 05 2020

Cancer Care in the Time of Corona: What to Do and What to Expect Keep Calm and Carry on: Cancer Care Amid COVID-19

According to statistics, as long as we keep our immune system healthy and have no other illnesses, the chances of contracting COVID-19 or having severe symptoms are quite low.

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Apr 22 2020

Liquid Biopsy: A New Companion to Lung Cancer Treatment

For the longest time, the surest way to confirm a cancer diagnosis entailed cutting pieces of tissue out from the affected area for examination, otherwise known as a tissue biopsy. Even in some cases, such as with certain kinds of lung cancer, where x-rays or MRI scans are sufficient for accurate diagnosis, physicians still require more detailed information in to decide on the best course of treatment.

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Apr 07 2020

The Mirror of Life: Reflections from a Cancer Survivor

“What’s happening to my brother has already been mirrored in my own life. I don’t want him to suffer from cancer the way I did. I must do everything I possibly can to rid him of the cancer.” These are the words of Srey Ly, a young businesswoman from Cambodia. It seems that fate is playing a cruel game with her family; after nasopharyngeal cancer was diagnosed in her, her brother followed suite.

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Mar 30 2020

The power of heart: the hugs given and hands held by our oncology nurses

“When we’re caring for cancer patients, one of the hardest things to do is to find the blood vessels for chemotherapy. This is because they’ve already had so many injections and intravenous drips that the remaining viable blood vessels are few and far between.

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Jan 31 2020

World Cancer Day: Stepping into a cancer-free world together

Cancer remains one of the greatest enemies to our health and wellbeing in the 21st century. At the current rate, it will soon surpass cardiovascular disease as the number one cause of death. Almost none of us are untouched by cancer;

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Jan 21 2020

The Anatomy of Treatment: A Pharmacist’s Perspective

“It’s common for patients to be psychologically affected upon learning that they have cancer. Cancer patients require special care, both physically and mentally.

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Jan 10 2020

Raising the Stakes: How One Investor’s Stock Pick led to His Own Survival from Cancer

This is the story of Rudolf, a Swiss investment banker who made the decision to raise his stakes and seek treatment at the very hospital he was tracking on the stock market.

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Dec 24 2019

Meet the Next Game Changer: Drugs Attacking Faulty DNA Repaired Mechanism Wow International Experts at ESMO 2019

The European Society for Medical Oncology’s annual meeting is one of the greatest gatherings of oncological experts anywhere in the world. Every year, researchers and physicians come together to share their findings and experiences in providing treatment for cancer patients.

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