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Knowing my Genes | Patient’s Experience at Bumrungrad’s Genomic Center

Ms. Yi Liu has a family history of cancer and wants to understand her lifetime risk of developing cancer. She came to the Preventive Genomics & Family Check-up Services in Bumrungrad and got answers to her questions.

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Bumrungrad Genomics: Transforming Healthcare in the Era of Precision Medicine

Genetic technologies and knowledge are considered to be a rapidly advancing modern innovation. Our knowledge of genetics has progressed by leaps and bounds following the success of the Human Genome Project—one of the greatest international research projects in the history of the world

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Ms. Siti Hasan’s genome | Bumrungrad’s Preventive Genomics and Family Check-up

Having a family history of heart attacks and cancer, Ms. Hasan visited Bumrungrad’s Preventive Genomics and Family Check-up Services Center to find out more about her health risks. The Preventive Genomics and Family Check-up Services Center at Bumrungrad offers a comprehensive range of services from diagnosis, consultation, disease screening, and risk assessment for inherited diseases and pharmacogenetic testing for drug selection, dose adjustment, and drug allergy prevention. The services are available for people with a family history of hereditary diseases as well as for individuals who care about their own and their family's health.

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Stay Healthy Doctor Talk "The Power of Your Genes: Preventing a Broken Heart"

Dr. Polakit Teelakirikul discusses on how your genes can help you prevent and keep your heart healthy. Dr. Polakit is a cardiologist specializing in genetics.

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Benefits of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is more often hereditary than other cancers. Some women have genetic mutations in certain genes that increases their risk of breast cancer. Genetic testing can be performed to identify mutations in such genes.

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Genomics - The Key to Truly Personalized Healthcare

Could your DNA provide predisposition information regarding disease and drug allergy risk?

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Bumrungrad International Pioneers Personalized Drug System based on DNA

Bumrungrad International Hospital set up an innovative drug prescription system in March 2020 that responds to a patient’s individual genetic makeup.

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DNA Scientific Wellness Screening: Answers to Your Questions

Genetics and DNA play an important role in your health, directly impacting how long and how well you live

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