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Family needs Planning

This blog spotlights egg freezing as a method for women to take control of their reproductive timeline, providing flexibility for personal, professional, and medical circumstances. It empowers women to prepare for future family planning, even in the face of fertility-threatening medical conditions or lifestyle choices.

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Navigating your IVF journey made easy

Family planning using IVF can be daunting. Here is a guide to provide a timeline and reference.

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IVF at Bumrungrad Hospital

The IVF Clinic in Bumrungrad has provided personalized, quality fertility care. As one of the leading fertility centers in the region, our dedicated staff has helped thousands of couples to grow their families.

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Family Planning

Welcome to Bumrungrad Q&A on family planning. Answering frequently asked questions on family planning and related fertility issues are our OB/GYN special-ists, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chartchai Srisombut and Dr. Nahathai Paktinum.

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Another Chance at Pregnancy

Unfortunately, many couples are unable to conceive children naturally.

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Let's talk about sperm count

It may not be a typical "dinner table" conversation topic, but sperm count is an important issue for couples dealing with infertility.

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How Bumrungrad International Hospital Can Help You Conceive

If you have difficulty getting pregnant, let Bumrungrad’s fertility specialists improve your chances of conceiving

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