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A Clear Outlook, Preventing and Treating Dry Eyes

In the digital age, prolonged screen time and air-conditioned environments are causing a rise in dry eye complaints. Understanding the causes, preventative measures, and treatment options can help you gain a clear view.

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Intense Pulsed Light: An Innovative Solution for Dry Eyes

IPL, or intense pulsed light, application in the treatment of dry eyes as well as other chronic eyelid diseases. This blog introduces the process, procedure, and identifies suitable candidates.

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Dry Eyes Treatment

There are many different causes of dry eyes, such as meibomian gland dysfunction, hormonal changes, eye allergies, eye strain from staring too long at a computer screen or smart phone etc.

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Dry Eye and the Eyelid Spa

Eyelid massage and cleaning is a form of massage that works along the length of the eyelids to provide relief from obstruction

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6 Signs dry eyes diagnosis causes

Prolonged Symptoms , Inflammation of thr eyelids,Eyelids turning inwards towards the eye, resulting in eyelashes rubbing against the cornea , Damage to the cornea

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Dry Eye Syndrome – Is It pollution, Age, or Something Else?

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome are generally straightforward and include dry, red, and itchy eyes. Unfortunately, the cause of this condition can be more complex due to a variety of factors

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Eye Diseases of the Elderly

Although eyesight deteriorates with age, most people don't bother to have their eyes checked until their symptoms have become so severe that they can no longer be cured. In this post, we will introduce the most common eye diseases affecting the elderly and provide some useful advice on taking care of your eyes and protecting your long-term vision.

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