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Permanently amazed by the effective identification for precise treatment

"Immensely impressed by the hospital's swift and decisive action, I shudder to think what might have unfolded had the doctor not intervened promptly that day. I could've ended up in another medical facility, possibly staring down the daunting prospect of invasive colon cancer surgery and a life tethered to a colostomy bag."

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Transoral incisionless fundoplication | Let’s Talk About Health Ep. 10

Welcome to Episode 10 of Let's Talk About Health! In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Tossapol Kerdsirichairat.

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Experience a Cutting-Edge Approach to Colon Cancer Treatment Without Surgery

Meet Mr. Nattapong Sukhavisidh, a 77-year-old Thai gentleman who, regrettably, missed his routine health check-ups for a decade. When it was finally time to recommence his health assessments, his healthcare provider wisely recommended a colonoscopy, given his age and the importance of colorectal cancer screening. During this examination, several small colon polyps were identified.

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New American guidelines on how to deal with a blocked bile duct

A biliary stricture is similar to a traffic jam in your liver's drainage system. It involves narrowing that can obstruct the flow of bile, a substance produced by your liver to aid in food digestion. Sometimes, you might not notice anything wrong at first, even though there could be underlying issues with your liver.

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Constipation is more than just a nuisance

Constipation is a disruption in digestion that goes beyond inconvenience. Uncover the triggers, potential risks, and clear indicators for seeking medical attention to ensure a harmonious digestive rhythm and overall well-being.

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Maintaining a Healthy Gastrointestinal Tract

A healthy gastrointestinal tract is essential for overall health. The gastrointestinal tract, also known as the GI tract or digestive tract, is a long, muscular tube that runs from the mouth to the anus.

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GI Motility Center | Let’s Talk About Health Ep. 9

In this episode of Let’s Talk About Health Prof. Dr. Sutep Gonlachanvit, a gastroenterologist, shares insights about Bumrungrad’s Gastrointestinal Motility Center.

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Amyloidosis: An invisible killer

Amyloidosis is a rare condition affecting approximately 1 in every 100,000 people. It is caused by the overproduction of amyloid proteins.

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Treating deep-seated lesions in the GI tract without surgery: endoscopic full thickness resection (EFTR)

One of the newest technologies to treat deep growths without surgery is endoscopic full thickness resection (EFTR) using the full-thickness resection device (FTRD).

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