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Cornea Transplant: Let’s talk about health EP.6

Dr. Ngamjit Kasetsuwan, an ophthalmologist, shares insights about the cornea, diseases that can damage it, and the different possible treatments.

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Take Care of Your Eyes: 6 Risk Factors You Should Know About

There are 6 contributing factors for your eyes’ health. Checking your eyes regularly - especially above the age of 40 - will allow picking up on any changes in your vision.

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4 symptoms of cataracts - a common eye condition

A cataract is a condition where the lens of the eye becomes opaque and cloudy which. Most cataracts are related to aging and cataracts are very common in older people.

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Eye Diseases of the Elderly

Although eyesight deteriorates with age, most people don't bother to have their eyes checked until their symptoms have become so severe that they can no longer be cured. In this post, we will introduce the most common eye diseases affecting the elderly and provide some useful advice on taking care of your eyes and protecting your long-term vision.

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