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My Clinical Data: Patient Portal Integration Level-up Your Site Search Experience My Health Reports: DNA Wellness Report

Bumrungrad International Hospital has recently developed a mobile application called the “Bumrungrad Application,” aiming to facilitate your health information access more rapidly and conveniently, every time and from anywhere. The application launched to pave way for the 'New Normal' lifestyle; for example, providing you with in-app Digital Loyalty Card, and helping you find a doctor, schedule an appointment, and purchase an online health package in advance, which helps reduce waiting time at the cashier counter and allows you to return home right after completion of healthcare services. As well as more special privilege offers only for application users.


     Bumrungrad Application     
  Bumrungrad Application: Apple App Store
Bumrungrad Application: Google Play Store

Bumrungrad Application is now available to download on iOS and Android.


This launch of the Bumrungrad Application includes 9 features:

  1. Find a doctor (search by symptoms, organs, name)
  2. Schedule an appointment (customer profile link)
  3. My appointment reminder (reminders, cancellations)
  4. Health Records: Doctors, Vaccination and Allergies
  5. Purchase online packages (no more registering, no more waiting at the cashier)
  6. My digital card (no more physical card)
  7. Ask a question via multi-channels (call, e-mail, Live Chat, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp)
  8. Navigate to Bumrungrad International Hospital (Google Maps) 
  9. Find special offer & discount and your E-Voucher, you can just easily present and scan barcode when receiving services.


The Bumrungrad Application provides convenient access to your membership card — no more physical card required when receiving healthcare services at Bumrungrad International Hospital. You can use your in-app Digital Loyalty Card to identify yourself easier.


You can easily sign-up or sign-in to Bumrungrad Application with multi-options

  • Sign-up/sign-in via email
  • Sign-up/sign-in with Telephone number
  • Sign-up/sign-in with Apple ID
  • Sign-up/sign-in with Google Account
  • Sign-up/sign-in with Facebook
  • Sign-up/sign-in with Twitter

You make an appointment much easier by doing it yourself, which can shortcut the traditional appointment process and help reduce waiting time. You can choose your favorite doctor, or just select a specialty, in which we will then recommend a doctor who can provide the treatment you need. You can also select your preferred date & time, and can also re-schedule appointments to match your schedule


You can make doctor's appointments through the application by yourself easily, conveniently, and in real-time. You can choose to make an appointment for yourself or for others. Just fill out your health problems or symptoms of sickness and you can also choose a doctor or let the hospital recommend a suitable doctor for you as well. Choose the earliest date to make your appointment or choose your preferred date and time. You can confirm the appointment by yourself on the menu Appointment Details according to the picture below.


  • Make an appointment much easier by doing it yourself
  • Add an event to your smartphone's calendar
  • Re-schedule or cancel an appointment by yourself
  • View your upcoming appointment and history

Note Real-time appointments. Cannot be used in emergency patients or make an doctor’s appointment on the same day. For medical emergencies, please call hotline 1378


  • Online medical consultation (Telemedicine): You can easily make an appointment for online consultations (video call) as well as for second opinions from a doctor through the application.
  • Online schedule: you can conveniently check your appointment schedule at anywhere and anytime.
  • Appointment notification: You can add your appointment to your calendar to receive notifications when the due date is approaching.
  • Strong security: the consolation requires a specific password before starting video call with a doctor.
  • All-in-one: you can complete all steps within a single application. There is no need to download any additional application.


You can easily ask a question on your preferred channel, such as a phone call directly to the center, fill in the online form, or live chat with a specialist via a social platform.


Easily and securely access to your patient profile with your PIN or biometric recognition.

  • Verification to access your patient profile with fingerprint
  • Verification to access your patient profile with face recognition
  • Verification to access your patient profile with eye recognition
  • Verification to access your patient profile with your PIN
My Clinical Data : Patient Portal Integration

Access your clinical data and learn the results of your past health check-up reports, including blood sugar levels, blood lipid levels; view the dates of your past examinations and view your prescription history, including your past prescriptions, your medication schedule, the doctor who prescribed your medication, and the starting date of prescription.

Easy access your DNA health risk through the app

After receiving your DNA health risks screening at the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, you can easily learn your DNA Health Reports and your personal guidelines for maintaining good health through the app.

If you are interested in a DNA health risks screening, please click the link
Easy To Find Your Offers & Vouchersg
  • Offers Menu: You can be the first to see the latest promotion and special offer just for you. You can easily use the offer by clicking ‘Use Now’. The code will be automatically added to your shopping cart.
  • Vouchers Menu: You can find your E-Voucher(s) of your purchased package(s) which describe status, expiration date and important details.
  • Book Now Button: You can immediately make an appointment in advance by yourself via the application and present barcode from your device when receiving services.

You will receive a birthday discount code (10% off) when you download or update Bumrungrad Application, complete your profile with Hospital Number to the App.

Birthday Month Privilege: Get discount code (10% off) for purchasing online package(s)

Terms & Conditions

  • You will receive a birthday discount code (10% off) when you download or update Bumrungrad Application, complete your profile with Hospital Number to the App.
  • Your birthday discount code will appear in the 'Offers & Vouchers' in-app menu.
  • You can immediately copy your birthday discount code and apply to get a 10% discount at checkout.
  • Your birthday discount code can be used for purchasing online package(s) via Bumrungrad Online Store only.
  • Your birthday discount code cannot be used at the hospital.
  • Your birthday discount code can be used only once and is valid until the end of your birth month.
  • Your birthday discount code can be used for purchasing online package(s) that can 'Buy Now' only.
  • After your purchase is completed, you can make an appointment to receive services at your convenience date. The validity date depends on the terms and conditions of your purchased package(s).
  • The birthday discount code cannot be used with Bumrungrad Digital Gift Card, deposit packages, appointment packages, COVID-19 Alternative Vaccine, package with a value 100,000 or above, and cannot be combined with other promotional or discount packages.

e-Payment: Cashless payments for convenience and secure

Conveniently pay for services and medical expenses and more secure through the application.

You can easily choose to pay by e-Payment services, including expenses incurred within Bumrungrad Hospital and online services such as online doctor consultation via video call (Telemedicine), prescription, etc. You can choose your preferred online payment method; credit card, PromptPay, Internet Banking, and Rabbit LINE Pay.

Appointment Reminders!

A feature that makes you feel like you have a personal assistant.

You can save appointments into the calendar on your mobile phone. Make it easier for you to manage your personal schedule. The app will notify you of your doctor appointment along with useful information and location. If you have an appointment at 12:00, the app will notify you at 20:00 of the previous day. If you have an appointment from 13:00 onwards, the app will notify you 4 hours before the scheduled appointment. Notifications are also supported for Telemedicine by appointment services.

Notification Center: You will be notified for our promotions and updates

You will be notified for every new message, a direct special offer, and any other important updates.

  • Promos You can find offers, promotions, or special privileges that you should not miss.
  • Appointments You will receive a notification before your appointment date. So, you don't miss your important appointment.
  • Expired voucher reminder When your health package voucher is near its expiration date, make sure you do not miss the opportunity to use the service. The system will send 3 notifications before the package expires, which are 30 days, 15 days, and the last 7 days before the package expires.
  • News We will notify you of an important announcement.
Your health records: Doctors, Vaccination and Allergies

‘My Care’

See your doctors who has treated you and select or save to favorite doctors.

‘My Vaccination Records’  

Every Vaccination, make it easy for you 

☑ Your Vaccination Record

☑ Vaccine Reminder

☑ Buy Vaccine Packages

‘My Allergies’

Show useful information about your previous allergies records—​such as food, medicines or vaccine to help you remember and avoid the allergen. It’s also be your digital medical records to help prevent the allergies in the future and help doctor to ensure and decide the most suitable treatment for you.

Bumrungrad Anywhere can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store without charge.
Scan the QR codes or click the links below to download the application.