Dr. Viroj Chodchoy


Urology (Genito-Urinary)

Language spoken

English, Thai

Medical School
- M.D., Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, 1973
Board Certifications
- Diploma of The Thai Board of General Surgery, 1977
- Diploma of The Thai Board of Urology, 1985
- Pediatric Urology, Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool, UK, 1979-1980
- Urology, St. Woolos Hospital, Newport, UK, 1981-1982
Special Clinical Interests
- Reconstruction, Cancer, BPH, Stones, Pediatric Urology
Doctor's Schedule
Day Time Location
Mon209:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Mon213:00 - 14:0013:0014:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Tue309:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Tue313:00 - 14:0013:0014:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Wed409:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Wed413:00 - 14:0013:0014:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Thu509:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Thu513:00 - 14:0013:0014:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Fri609:00 - 12:0009:0012:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)
Fri613:00 - 14:0013:0014:00Urology Center (BIC 16B)